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A Pre-Convention Chronicle Dedicated to the Proposition that Some Slight Exaggeration and a Little Varnishing of the Truth is Permissible if it Persuades You to Attend the 99th Annual Pow-Wow on the Shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Golf, Anyone?
By David Oden

A dedicated golfer is pursued by strange demons. To play, he’ll brave any weather, risk divorce, neglect business, and snub friends. He’ll curse a neglected green and ignore the crabgrass devouring his lawn, driveway, and living room. He’ll play when rain is filling his bag, but repairing a leaky faucet gives him a cold. He knows Arnold Palmer’s longest drive, where he hit it, the brand of ball, the club size, and what he had for breakfast; but our golfer can’t remember his wife’s birthday.

San Diego County has provided 65 courses to make life as pleasant as possible for these tormented creatures. Here is the Camelot of golf with 350 days of sunshine annually. There are day courses, night courses, long courses, short courses, desert courses, and courses along the ocean. For example, at Torrey Pines, there is a vertical 3 par that forces you to drop the ball on a postage stamp green which is surrounded in front by traps, on two sides by a jungle filled ravine, and the ocean on the fourth side. Some men have been searching for lost golf balls for so long around that hole that their wives have collected insurance.

So, there’s no need to let the ‘74 convention interfere with golf. Why not organize a foursome from distant points and reserve a start time?

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This Year it’s San Diego!

The Town and Country Hotel and Convention Center in Mission Valley, San Diego, California, is the site of the 1974 NAPA convention scheduled for July 4, 5, and 6.

Southern California Reception Committee members urge you to plan your vacation around this annual convention in the garden spot of the Southwest. The Town and Country is a modern hotel-motel facility with one and two-story “Garden” accommodations and rooms and suites in a 10-story “High-rise.” There are three swimming pools, coffee shop, dining room, continental supper club and two cocktail lounges.

Outdoor games and recreational facilities are available. There is a therapy pool, sauna bath, and gift shops. Plenty of parking is available close to each room. A block away is a new shopping center with department stores, shops, theaters, and cafeterias.

The following listing of rates should enable you to begin planning for this event:

Garden Rooms: Single, $18; Double $22
High-rise Rooms: Single, $20; Double, $24
High-rise Room for Three, $28; for Four, $32
Lanai Parlor: $40; very large room with bath, wet bar, standing and sitting areas; connecting bedroom is $25 additional; entire suite will sleep eight.

All rooms are air-conditioned.

And What a Vacation Spot!

… World’s largest wild animal zoo

… 65 golf courses throughout the area

… Beautiful Mission Bay Park and Sea World are five minutes away

… Port of San Diego with flotilla of Navy warships, tuna boats, and private yachts

… Miles of sun-splashed beaches

… Dozens of excellent dining spots in Mission Valley and many more throughout the city

Join the fun-in-the-sun crowd next July in San Diego for your greatest vacation ever and a convention which, like all NAPA affairs, will be strictly sensational. – GS

The Compound Error: A blind proofreader, a dull-witted editor, and a bleary-eyed compositor corrected one error into two in our February issue. Our lawyer now thinks the rates listed on page 3 are correct, but after meeting our bumbling staff, he says he would not take the case if it goes to court.

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Gale Sheldon, El Cajon, Calif. 92020

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