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Rolfe Crowned, Grady Bound Amid Elegant NAPA Pageantry

Rolfe Castleman was installed today as new president of the NAPA. He was escorted to the chair by two very lovely ex-presidents. Also installed were Stan Oliner as secretary, Milton Grady as official editor and Heljeson, Dunlap and Louise Lincoln as eminent jurists. Sally O’Rear relinquished the chair amidst tumultuous applause.

Moitorets Appointed Mailers

President Castleman announced the following appointive officers for the coming year: Bureau of Critics, Dr. Thomas Whitbread; Co-chairmen Mailing Bureau, Rowena and Carolyn Moitoret; Historian, Warren Rosenberger; Recruiting Chairman, Roy Lindberg; Assistant Librarian, Helm Spink; Publicity, Tillie Haywood.

Beginning in August, send your papers for mailing to Camp Springs, Washington 22, D.C.

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Solitary Star
by Alvin Fick

Some seeds the birds devour,
And some the season mars,
But here and there will flower
The solitary stars.
– A. E. Housman

“The longer she is gone the more we will miss her.” With these words tribute was paid to Edna Hyde McDonald, who on March 2, 1962 went – as Tennyson wrote – “To where beyond these voices there is peace.” It will take many years to assess the rich legacy of friendship, wit, wisdom and literature Vondy bequeathed our hobby.

She was a convention addict, and the Newark conclave in her own APC bailiwick would have been of prime importance to her. From Bellette, a paper she published from 1937 to 1948, we have selected a few sage quotes, that the voice so lately stilled may be remembered, that we may be aware her spirit moves among us.

I am duly regretful, of course, for the departure of so many who were near and dear, but even they I think would prefer from us some more lively reminder of that spirit which dwells among us. They’d like, for instance, to be remembered for their wit, for ribaldry if any, for the merry quips and peccadillos which make each of us different from the others. I’d like lively stories told of me – with the proper admixture of common sense and discretion, of course – so that I might come alive again and sit among you in spirit at least, if no longer in the flesh… Let us laugh into our beers rather than cry into our biers.

– … that fraternal spirit is based upon our mutual interest in amateur journalism, and not on mutual admiration of the back-slapping sort. It is incident to publishing and editing; not the other way round.

We need… an angel to subsidize our official organ; or we will have to grow business-like and increase dues to sustain ourselves…

Our method of awarding laureates is also inane. The whole system needs revision. For at present there is no contest of any significance, few entries, and no rivalry for honors. The rules should be drastically revised. For one thing, all the literary output of our membership should be under consideration for award, not only part of it.

Haywood’s Muse

Poets whose innards are warm
Should pour out their thoughts in a form
If they want to be good
And to be understood
And conform to the amateur norm! – TBW

Odd Lots and Off-Cuts

Sally O’Rear set her first line of type for yesterday’s APC News… Castleman and Hazel Segal celebrated a homecoming of sorts: They joined the NAPA here in 1946… Bonnell enthralled a large audience last night with a bookbinding demonstration when he bound a book before our very eyes… Some members had the pleasure of reading the voluminous typescript of the Grand Rapids convention, which had been brought for reference… The friendly convention atmosphere served as an excellent catalyst for the full flowering of Fred Gage’s personality. Here’s a man with great potential with us… New arrivals up to press time: Steve Watts and Arthur Muller…. Miriam Woodruff is making arrangements to purchase the convention’s 8×12 press…. Where are the members Willametta mislaid in the crack between the June NA and the convention?

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Bunny Loses a Pearl

After hunting a 7×11 Pearl press for two years, Earl Bonnell located and bought one in March. The dealer’s shipment by railroad freight got lost in May, finally came in an almost unrecognizable state. So Bunny’s search for a “whole” Pearl continues.

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