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An experienced printer likes to use set type a second time and here I am going to do so. My daughter Sue asked me to set and print the following article for her to send out and I think it would be of interest to some NAPA members.


has been a busy year for the Eichner family. Dick has completed about 2/3 of the Utah M.B.A. program. Because of the manpower cutbacks, his job has become more demanding. Time for studies has also been limited by increased T.D.Y. This fall he travelled on business to Greece (Athens and up-country) Spain (Madrid and Zaragosa) and Turkey (Adana, Ankara and Izmir.) He managed to work in some sightseeing, including a weekend in Ephesus and Pergamon.

Sue has been busy taking History and Art courses and advanced level English courses. The art courses have involved numerous field trips to nearby castles, cathedrals and art museums.

David (now six) has begun first grade. He likes the full day session because he can go outside to the playground for “recess.” He has mastered most of the vowel and consonant sounds and has begun to read the cereal boxes. He also enjoys math and singing. He attends judo lessons two nights a week. So far he has mastered “o goshi” (hip throw) and other throws impossible to pronounce.

Douglas (now four) has learned some of the judo from David and in spite of his smaller size is a good match for him. He enjoys listening to records and coloring. Around the house he helps with the chores of setting the table and taking out the garbage.

Dawn Ellen (now three) is rapidly developing into a little lady. She often plays quietly and contentedly with her dolls and dishes. She enjoys wearing her “dressy dress” and tights on special occasions but is still small enough to cuddle and rock.

In May and June the whole family went on a delightful 3,000 mile trip through Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France and Switzerland. The children were fairly good travellers. They especially enjoyed Tivoli amusement park and the circus in Copenhagen, the canal boat ride in Amsterdam, the miniature village in Madurodam, the bear pit in Bern, the horse carriage ride in Interlaken and the zoo in Basel.

Another family trip was planned for August but cancelled. Instead, Dick took leave to study while Sue took the children on a nine-day trip through Bavaria. One night was spent in a quaint gasthaus while the next was spent in a converted barn and farmhouse. The rest of the trip was spent at various U. S. Forces recreation areas and hotels in Garmisch, Eibsee, Chiemsee and Birchtesgaden. In Garmisch the children especially enjoyed the Tyrolean Show (German folk song and dancing) and the Ice Show. At the Eibsee they enjoyed the sun, sand and icy cold lake water. In Birchtesgaden the salt mines tour and the Jennerbahn (cable car half way up the mountain) were highlights.

Labor Day was Sue and Dick’s final fling before school began. They flew to Berlin for a three-day tour of both east and west sections. They visited monuments and museums in the day and various restaurants and nightclubs at night. Crossing into East Berlin on their own was an exciting and eye-opening experience!

So another year comes to a close. In January Dick expects to go TDY to London and surrounding areas. In June, Sue and Dick hope to go on a drive-yourself tour of Italy. So it looks like another busy year ahead. We hope that 1971 is a happy year for you and your family!

Susan Eichner

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Another Year

Yes, 1971 is here, and has been for several weeks. This is the fifth NAPA paper I have worked on so far in 1971. Wonder how many NAPA papers I have had a hand in since I first joined the NAPA in 1934?

We have been losing a lot of old stalwart NAPA members lately and out of curiosity I went over the 1934 and 1970 rolls. Only 18 people were members in 1934 and now. And 1971 is 20 years since I was the NAPA Official Editor. The December Bundle showed we are in pretty good shape. Several of the 30 papers were excellent. But one was a Disgrace. If I had my way I would bar that type from the NAPA Bundle.

The monstrosity I abhor is Rhatt Race 10. You can belong to all the ajay groups you wish, but do NOT send remarks or comments about the AAPA to NAPA members. Print two different papers, one for each group if you must. I once belonged to three groups and I printed three different papers. But not for long!

After 36 years as an ajay, my advice is to pick one ajay group and help it. You cannot serve two wives.

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Alfred Babcock printed this at Cranford, New Jersey 07016

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