Single Page Flimsy

IT MIGHT HAVE been better if I had told a few of my friends in the ranks of amateur journalism that I was on leave of absence for awhile.

Thanks are in order to those who are on record as having missed us.

But I have been busy.

The book on the history of our village is now finished, after great and time consuming labor, and is selling quite well and has had enthusiastic response. It is a nice feeling to have people actually like a book you have written well enough to write you a letter to tell you so.

The other summer problem has been to re-write twenty-five or thirty stories from Flexible Voice to go into a book that I am printing.

So that’s what I have been doing as my pal Liddle has reached three hundred.

Handset in Perpetua monotype and letterpress printed by Rob’t Orbach at Oklahoma City, Okla.

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