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Dow is the Hour!

Dow-Jones is only Average, but Jack Dow is not only neat but Goudy. The Omaha observer of the Goudy Centennial has journeyed east to help the natives celebrate FWG’s birthday, and the APC is always prepared to celebrate almost anything. Gathered here at the House of Haywood to welcome Jack are (in order of their appearance, as in any Cast of Characters):

Miriam Woodruff; Jan, Holly, Curtis and Ed Harler; Wendy, David, Nancy, Hazel and Harold Segal; Lucia and George Trainer; Al Lee; Alf Babcock; Helen, Shep, Pamela, David and Sheldon Wesson; Jack Dow. Expected are Roy Lindberg and Richard Mazzonica.

Roy made it; Richard didn’t. Ralph Babcock couldn’t get back from Hialeah, Florida, in time to make the scene, having made a quick trip south to see his son, RWB III, married to Lila Louise Klaymeier on April 3rd. Regretting they couldn’t come, we honored the Ficks’ toast: we lifted a glass (several, in fact!) in remembrance of times past. Going a step farther, we brought back the early days via color slides of APC 1946-1965.

Paragraphs by Assorted Compositors

Ferrari vs. C&P: As many watched Paul Haywood run his model racing cars as watched the pressmen. PWH has deserted printing for car designing & building the layout.

Helen is psychic. For house-guest Jack Dow she set a Philippine luncheon table, complete to little house on stilts in the centerpiece. Turns out Jack is a B I P – his mother and father met and were married in Manila; he was born there and lived there till he was three!

Today was notable for the appearance of two multi-paged papers, ye host’s Small World and Alf’s Cat 112. To avoid friction we will forbear comment on the contents of said conglomerations.

Unfortunately the photo of Harold Segal sticking type while Al Lee and Alf Babcock distributed into the same case did not turn out. Nine Fossils got satisfactorily shot.

Hostess Till was overwhelmed with goodies. “Now I never will lose weight!” she exclaimed.

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The Computer

Who put the tape in the 1410
To check on all the ajay men?
Who started up the monster bold
And all their inner secrets told?

Haywood, our host, would like to be
A heralded poet, like Shakespeare and me.
Babcock, the printer, has a secret mission
To be NAPA president is his ambition.
Dow would like, when all’s said and done,
To sit back and enjoy the APC fun.
Lee, it is said, can really set print
And Harler has cornered the U.S. mint.
Wesson, the silent, would like it well known
That he rarely talks when he is at home.
Segal, our rock, has been heard to quote
That someone’s Ferry is a sunken boat.
When the tape came to Trainer
It buzzed and it whirred –
The lights blinked on, its face was absurd.
It wouldn’t reveal an idea or word,
As the tape neared the end, regrets outward rang
From Ficks of Fort Johnson and the Castleman gang.
As we were all discussing the Moitoret muse
The dog-gone computer blew the last fuse. – JSH

Feminine-Style Copy (or Fair Warning)

It’s official! At 3 P.M. the guest of honor at the nosiest APC meeting in decades arrived via the Wesson Lincoln Continental. Jack Dow was ushered into the printers’ hideaway where an intense quartet of female seamstresses were debating the pros and cons of the higher hemline and lower neckline. Yellow was the color of the day by a two-to-one majority. Homemade clothes are IN and long hair-dos are OUT. So much for the female end of things.

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Modern Design Makes the Difference

That Jack Dow arrived here at all for the meeting is itself a miracle of modern Progress, a tribute to the age in which we live. It took him longer Friday night to get from Kennedy Airport, eight miles to Wesson’s office in midtown Manhattan than it took to fly from Chicago to New York. The flight was less than two hours. Plane arrived on time. Baggage was not aboard. He waited over an hour for the next plane to land with his belongings. From Kennedy Airport to Glen Ridge, N. J., 24 miles, total 3 hours 40 minutes by airport limousine, taxi, Hudson tubes, railroad and car. After that the 25-minute ride to the Haywoods’ Saturday was anti-climax, along the Garden State Parkway.

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