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Happy New Year to You!

What more appropriate way to mark the opening of another APC year than for the clan to gather at Segals’ Halfway House? Blessed with ideal Winter travel weather – cold, clear and sunny – the printer caravans converged on Bristol for another observance of what has become a Happy Holiday Custom: “print out the old, print in the new.” Here’s how we packed them in:

Bedroom 1 (Camp Springs room): Double bed, Rowena, Cathy and Jackie Moitoret. Cot, Alan Moitoret.

Bedroom 2 (Ijamsville room): Single bed, Ann Castleman. Cot, Gayle Gamble.

Bedroom 3 (Fair Lawn room): Single bed, Tillie Haywood. Cot, Bill Haywood.

Bedroom 4 (Bristol room): Single bed, Hazel and Wendy Segal. Single bed, Carolyn Moitoret. Single bed, Nancy Segal. Cot, David Segal.

Living Room: Sleeping bag on floor, Paul Haywood. Sleeping bag on cot, Vic Moitoret. Sofa, Harold Segal.

Porch (toes pointed to fireplace): Sofa, Rolfe Castleman. Sofa, Verle Heljeson. Cot, Stan Oliner.

Chickened-out early (at 3 a.m.) to return home: Ralph and Nancy Babcock; Roy Lindberg and John Larsen; Ed, Jean, Curtis and Holly Harler; Nita Smith (who slept at the Harlers).

Chickened-out much earlier and didn’t even show – 5 Wessons.

Who’s Our Leader, Mac?

Plans to transfer the Edwin Hadley Smith Library of Amateur Journalism from the Franklin Institute to the Colorado State Library for a one-year period were delayed after discovery of independent relocation efforts made by Fossil Harold P. Piser.

Piser states that the New York University Libraries will accept the collection, but their new building won’t be ready for several years.

Fossil President Lee Hawes has queried the Board of Directors on their initial decision to let Oliner sort and examine the collection. The Institute is awaiting word on the Fossils’ decision.

Oliner continues to recommend his long-range plan for the Library as published in the December Fossil.

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He Who Comes, Joins

P. O. Box 62 Hutchinson, Minn.

To: Membership Scrutiny Committee, APC
Subject: Long Distance Semi-Associate Membership

Based on enclosed Wisconsin Report New Series No. 1, November 1955, for which the undersigned set by hand entire front page and printed by hand feeding an open Chandler and Price press, and upon various other publications including LJN where undersigned set by hand types and imprinted them with a 5 x 8 Kelsey hand press, and

Based on the four or five lines set by undersigned for Des Salt Moines,

Now therefore the undersigned Larry Notman does apply for Long Distance Semi-Associate Membership in the APC, occasionally known as the Amateur Printers Club, located somewhere on the east coast of the U.S.A., last sighted in the vicinity of Washington, D.C.

Signed: Larry Notman

APC Decision: Petition denied, for complete details see pages 49, 56, 73A, and the reverse side of page 92D (misprinted as page 18½B).

Exemptions are for Burning

The NAPA may have attained a more substantial tax exemption status through a colossal Internal Revenue Service boo-boo at the District Director’s office in Baltimore. In early Fall, Judge Castleman received additional forms to be filed with IRS for its automatic data processing computers. In preparing information for the IRS computers on tax exempt organizations, all approved applications in the entire district were consigned to the incinerator by error.

The Treasury Department wrote all tax exempt organizations requesting help to provide information for their new files. To speedily acquire the information, simplified forms were provided which contained checking squares to be marked for those activities in which the organizations participate. We liberally checked every square that had any connection with NAPA activities, past and present. Castleman thinks NAPA now may have a stronger income tax exemption status; that in addition to being a social organization, IRS may now finally regard the National as being also an educational and literary association whose primary purpose is to publish without profit. As of January 1, 1965, at least, the Treasury Department has not called at Ijamsville to collect any income taxes payable by the NAPA.

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Philly and APC Plan Conventions

Most people will have to be satisfied with brochures and word-pictures in order to know what Penn Center Inn has to offer conventioneers. Not so Verle Heljeson, who started the new year there and gave unsolicited assent to the Committee’s choice. He is well aware that this in-city motel is really a drive-in hotel.

One innovation which will be enjoyed by many is the free pool. Those who drive will enjoy the convenience of parking their own car and having it handy when they want it. And, of course, we have exclusive use of their meeting room.

The welcome mat is out. We hope we’ll be able to greet you at the National’s 90th, July 2, 3 and 4.

A reception will be held Thursday evening, July 1.

A four-page daily convention paper will be produced on the spot by delegates. Maryland’s Rolfe Castleman will bring his Pilot press from Ijamsville, and we’ll have an adequate amount of Ralph Babcock’s famous 10-pt. Times Roman. Almost any number can play – in relays if necessary.

But whether Verle found a sound-proof sub-basement room for his annual after-hours gathering next July was not revealed.

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