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The APC News Never Disappoints:
We Present Our Annual Ticket

President: Joseph F. Bradburn
Vice President: Jeanne N. Murtland
Official Editor: Russell L. Paxton
Secretary: Willametta Keffer
Recorder: Elizabeth Butt
Executive Judges: Larry Notman, Dorothy Schneider, Irwin Brandt
Convention Seat: Portland, Maine

The Convention’s Going Where?

The chill of the day suddenly disappeared when it was learned that Ann Arbor lacked enough people to handle the necessary arrangements and fill the necessary appointive posts.

Glen Ridge; Nice, France; and, Obot Idim, Nigeria; were top contenders, but Glen Ridge (which is far enough West and not so far to the East) won by a substantial margin.

President Castleman cancelled further expectation by announcing that NAPA’s 93rd Convention would be in Ann Arbor, Michigan, starting on Thursday, July 4, and continuing until Saturday, July 6. Sesta Matheison will be the Convention Chairman (Chairwoman?) and Kermit Schuman will be the Custodian of Ballots.

The Reception Committee will be staffed by Sesta Matheison, Bob Kunde, Kermit Schuman and Thomas B. Whitbread (who will be near the convention site).

Spending More, But Earning Less

Annual conventions eager to spend income from the Weixelbaum trust should lay off until each administration can determine what the actual expenditures of the various service bureaus are to be for the year. I mean what is the Mailing Bureau, the office of Secretary, the Manuscript Bureau, and The National Amateur costing annually?

Alma Weixelbaum, in creating the trust for the benefit of the NAPA during Castleman’s first administration (1962-3), intended that the funds be used to pay operating costs of the NAPA first. She had remembered the lean treasury years of 1950-54, years when the NAPA had $0 until Edna Hyde McDonald and others collected donations from life members until $1,000 was in the Life Members Fund.

Also, at the 81st convention in Minneapolis, Alma Weixelbaum concluding her year as president was criticized for initiaiting free bundles during her term as it was held “… it drained the treasury…” it is fitting then

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New Year Greeted With Sparkling Wines As APC Ignores Four-Inch Snowfall

The year 1967 expired during a four-inch snowstorm. The Amateur Printers Club, oblivious to the elements, conducted a staid and deliberate meeting, during which this noble issue was produced, with much sobriety and deliberation.

Participants in order of their appearance were: Verle Heljeson, Atlanta; Nita Gerner Smith, Philadelphia; Ann and Rolfe Castleman, with Gayle, Ijamsville, Md.; Elaine and Les Boyer, with Craig and Brian, Hartsdale, N. Y.; Jan and Ed Harler, with Curt and Holly, Levittown, Pa.; Lillian and Parker Worley, Haddonfield, N. J.; Bel and Ed VanSciver, with Gwen, Bristol, Pa.; Roy Lindberg, Brooklyn; and George William Hamilton, Vienna, Austria.

Hosts were: Hazel and Harold Segal, assisted by Nancy, David and Wendy, one friendly dog and a trilling canary.

Attendees took time off from their duties at midnight to welcome 1968 with sparkling burgundy, pink champagne, asti spumante and ginger ale.

Late regrets were phoned by the Wessons (flu), Al Lee (balky VW), Joe Gudonis (working), Vic Moitoret (through a Captain Tine [sp?]), Alan Wheeler (distance), Alf Babcock (flu) and Dick Branch (weather).

The Worleys contributed the following provoking, but memorable sentiments:

Decree by Dictator Castleman

President Castleman is taking a dictatorial attitude toward the literary supplement proposed for The National Amateur by the Salt Lake City convention. He says that he won’t approve any association funds for it. Reasons given include: (1) additional labor is created for the official editor and (2) postal expense for mailing the monthly bundle and The National Amateur are due to rise by 25% beginning January 7, 1968, according to post office department rate increases just signed into law.

Who Is Where?

The Inner Room contains typesetters; the Middle Room features David & Wendy Segal, Craig and Brian Boyer; and Gwen VanSciver watching Dickory Dock; and the Outer Room members keep on chirping about the NOISE in the Middle Room. The Dawg, Shandy, is Out. Again, it is time for Parker and me to wish everyone a Happy New Year wherever you are. (Besides, ole Harold won’t let me write a Haiku that would end all Haiku controversies.) Written by Lillian, set by Parker Worley; edited by Curt Harler.

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Do-It-Yourself Limerick

There once was a printer named Wesson
______________________________________________ pressin’
____________________________ chaste (chased)
______________________________ waist (waste)
His absence perhaps a mixed blessin’.

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