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The Poverty Program in Action:
Underprivileged Gather in Bristol
But Their Hearts Are in Salt Lake City

We, the underprivileged members of the amateur press, would rather be in Salt Lake City, but –

1) We haven’t got the money.
2) We can’t get enough time off.
3) After the first reason, need there be more?

So, that is why this APC Consolation Meeting was called at the last moment. We’re providing the beer to cry into. Perhaps the salty beer will make us think of the great Salt Lake.

While NAPA-ites officially gathered in Salt Lake to set type with Utah’s governor, the stay-at-homes were at the Segals’ setting type with the Presidents.* They also gabbed, ate, gabbed and made sundry guesses about the elections in SLC, Bristol’s western suburb.

* UAPA President, Jan Harler, that is.
And NAPA President-elect, J. Rolfe Castleman.

4 APCers Elected by NAPA Convention;
Castleman Is Our Leader; Bradburn Editor
by Victor A. Moitoret
APC News Special Correspondent

Salt Lake City, July 2 (7:35 p.m. EDT) – Four APC regulars were swept into office by the NAPA big broom. The convention voting strength was 22, which included the Haywoods and Moitorets of the APC. Chosen were:

President: J. Rolfe Castleman
Vice-President: J. Ed Newman
Recorder: J. Doris Beazer
Official Editor: J. Joseph Bradburn
Executive Judges: J. John Gillick, J. Harold Segal, J. Ralph Babcock
Convention City: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Amendment: Approved

Further details were not available. Officials refused to reveal the laureate winners prior to banquet time.

We Have Them, Too!

It’s easy to see I really like APC meetings better than ajay conventions! Perhaps it’s because the group is smaller and there is more monkey business than seriousness.

I’m filled with enthusiasm for ajay and when outsiders do not understand why, I explain that it could have been something worse, such as collecting night crawlers! – Holly Harler

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Dramatis Personae Convenus APCum

This “meeting” was produced and directed by Hazel and Harold Segal, assisted by Nancy and abetted by David and Wendy. Following the current trend there were more talkers than workers, so the host had the honor of completing this issue.

Cast of Characters
(In the order of their appearance)

Miriam Woodruff; Jan, Holly and Ed Harler; Lucia, Cathy and George Trainer; Helen and Shep Wesson; Helm and Bernice Spink; Nita Gerner Smith; Peter Schaub; Roy Lindberg; Dick, Betty, Suzanne & Jimmy Branch; Rolfe and Ann Castleman; Gayle Gamble and, at the tenth hour, Curtis Harler.

At least three officers lost their direction and wound up in Bristol instead of Salt Lake City: the Recorder, an Exec Judge and the Librarian – and the new president.

Question of the day: So who’s in Salt Lake City?

We Live/Love to Print… and Eat

Milton Grady sent copies of the latest Gradylogue and The Recruiter, Joe Bradburn dispatched copies of his new Experiment and Miriam Woodruff brought copies of The Unicorn. The Harlers were the first to receive their NAPA June bundle, which they brought along and which was devoured along with Hazel’s fried chicken and sloppy joes.

Who Else Should Be at the Helm, but Spink?

Originally oriented in space to New York and suburbs (like Boston, Philadelphia and Washington), the APC has often reached out into the hinterlands of this America for members and visitors. But seldom has one so distinguished come so far to join these rarified ranks as today’s recruit, Helm Spink.

Helm has always been identified, geographically, with Cleveland. More recently, he has been identified with Bernice. Now they are both identified with Asbury Park, Bernice’s old home town, just a hop across the narrow waist of New Jersey.

Helm is one of those magnificent rarities – an NAPA ex-president who has continued his interest for the 20 years since his year in office. He had previously served as official editor for all or part of at least four volumes of the National Amateur. But for 50 years he has been especially known as the Voice of Reason, the Force for Moderation.

And Lord knows the APC could use a dose of Reason and Moderation.

The Wessons picked up the Spinks; and conversation in the car ranged from Helm’s recollections of H. P. Lovecraft to that perennial favorite – What’s Wrong with the NAPA?

Oh, Happy Day!

Wesson has a sore throat. Helen is gleeful: “Tillie is in Salt Lake City and Wesson is incapacitated. Now maybe somebody else can get a word in today.”

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APC News, No. 113, printed by the Hound of the Baskervilles, and written and edited by attendees listed above, in Bristol, Pa. 19007.

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