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May, the fifth month of our calendar, was the third month of the ancient Roman calendar and was known as Maius. It is believed that it was named for Maia, an ancient Roman earth goddess to whom the month was dedicated. Other important days in May are: May 1st, May Day; May 6th, National Nurses Day; May 9th, Mothers’ Day; Third Saturday in May, Armed Forces Day; and May 30th, Memorial Day. In addition to all of the above, May is an especially important month to me since it includes my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary, both which fall on the same date!

May is Her Month
by Rosabel W. Boyd

Sunday is Mother’s Day
Some will wear a red rose,
Some a white,
But not one will forget,
For day nor night
Can dim that light
Which from her loved eyes shone,
A Mother is the best gift
Earth has ever known.

Consumers of Time
(Courtesy of Denver Stull, new UAP member, from his book of poetry A Bit of This and a Bit of That.)

We are consumers of time,
Aimlessly rushing through life,
Seldom seeing the beauty,
Creating little but strife;
Foolishly chasing our rainbows,
Building up treasures on earth,
Soon to find to our sorrow
What we really are worth.

Nurse Jessie Jones
Rosabel W. Boyd, January 1972

She is a Nurse, a Registered Nurse,
But she’s far, far more than that,
A tender loving friend who cares
About each Jim or Pat.

Her calm efficient Nurse’s way,
Keeps events all in mind,
In touch with Doctors exact ways,
And she’s forever kind.

What would we do without these friends,
Who combine love with skill,
I guess nobody really knows,
And maybe never will!

Rosabel W. Boyd, 1948

Most precious name in all the world,
Is surely that of Mother,
The one we tell our troubles to,
Instead of any other.

She understands, she heals our hurts,
By kissing them away,
And somehow makes us smile and go,
Outside again to play.

Today we honor the one we love,
And so we would like to say,
God bless all Mothers everywhere,
For this is Mothers Day!

* * * *

I know something lovely
For you to do,
When you’ve the time
I’ve tried it too –
On a warm lazy day
Lie down in the shade
And see the sky pictures
Some fairy has made.

The big fleecy clouds
Are sails on the sea,
Bringing my dream ship
Nearer to me.
I find many fancies
Forming up in the blue
On a warm sunny day
When the world in all new.

Just lie on the grass
And you’ll have a surprise
Fairies painting a canvas
Against the blue skies.
(RWB, 3/2/48)

May 1982

Greetings to all my amateur journalist friends everywhere. May I tell you how much I have appreciated your notes, letters, cards, and poems. So here it is May and I hope April showers brought May flowers to each and everyone. I stay up all day these days, so I must be improving. One new member, Ferne Watson lives near the Queen Mother in England. I’ve heard from Australia, Canada, England, and from quite a few in the USA. Thanks one and all – I send you my love!

by Rosabel W. Boyd
September 27, 1939

Of all the things which I miss most,
There’s one alone which heads the list,
If I had a grasp of words, words, words,
Emily Post would never be missed.

For, oh to paint with artistry,
The pictures that I see,
In glowing vital living words,
Would thrill the very heart of me.

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