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We have been putting off the printing of a publication for the NAPA for quite a while now. But today we received our welcome copy of Alf’s Cat, No. 60, and reading his note about us got us hot and bothered. We immediately rushed to the typewriter to pound out some copy, and you are now reading it. (I am supposed to think).

Speaking of Alf’s Cat, did you ever think of the amount of work that this man puts into his many publications? Now I have nothing against mimeos, in fact we publish a commercial publication, and it’s mimeographed. (It will soon be printed, sample copy 10¢). But if you have never set type, it’s hard to imagine the time and work that Alf puts into his Cats. Setting type is hard work, and when he gets it all printed and it is drying, all the composition has to be torn down, and put back into the cases for next time. We love printing, but now that much… this is being set by linotype.

Who’s Jeanne Sullivan? That’s one girl we would like to get acquainted with. We have read enough about her in various papers to want to get to know her better. How about a letter, Jeanne?

Who can use some good type? We have some for trade or sell, and it is as follows: 18 pt. Antique Shaded: Copperplate Gothic 6 pt. in three sizes: 27 pounds of 10 pt. Schoolbook, and a nice font of 10 pt. Century Roman. Also a font of Devinie. Any offers? Can use any printing equipment, office equipment, guns, old U. S. stamps. And who’s got a good Roll-top desk to trade or sell?

Now try to make a little money. Remember that commercial paper we said we put out? Well. it’s a Swappers’ magazine. Issued monthlv for Swappers. Buyers, and Sellers everywhere. Ad rate 1¢ per word: subscription $1 per year. Sample, dime. Address Michigan Trader. P. O. Box 642. Gobles 99, Michigan.

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Whats this type? 9=1=47

The NAPA, in our opinion, is a much better club than the AAPA. There don’t seem to be any life in the AAPA for some unknown reason. We are a member of both, but will drop the AAPA when the present membership period expires.

Personally, we think all publishers should mail their papers through the mailing bureau. All members should have the same rights and receive all papers, even if they aren’t active by the publishers’ yardstick. They paid their membership money, didn’t they?

We voted for Alf Babcock in the presidential election. We thought he was the man for the job. According to many, you are supposed to be Official Editor before being president. Why? Custom? Are we to go by custom when electing a person to this important job? Why not put everyone’s name in a hat and draw out one?

WHATS the name of this type?? 8-22-47

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This paper was printed by an excellent 10 x 15 C & P power press with some help from Roger Norman who opens Box 642 at Gobles, Michigan. Paper used is 20 lb. pink mimeo. Ink is blue all-purpose. Many future issues will be mimoed. While not as good, it’s much quicker.


Let us know your needs – and we’ll rush samples and prices.