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Bible Verse for March 1983: “My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.” – 1 Corinthians 6:19

Prayer for March 1983: God! Watch over me, over my house, over all my loved ones. In your peace, I have peace. Amen.

A Notion

I have a notion that all my words are for a reason,
The reason is to save my mind and know
What to do from this point on,
To see if life is worth living.

A Special Substance

There is a special substance in a good poem,
It has the right to be heard;
If only someday, someway, it could be.

Always Be

I care for you, you care for me,
I hope that is the way things will always be.

Marian Williams, CMABI
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

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by Daisy Yost
Tiffen, Ohio
From Little Gems When All Alone

When I was but a child, I thought,
How far away was “age.”
But as time slowly ticks away
I enter a new page.

And now I look behind, amazed
At things that passed me by,
Just wasn’t I prepared for such
Or didn’t I half try?

It’s hard to pave the way for youth –
We see with different eyes,
Experience is a teacher bold –
Each learns to his surprise.

by Elta Barnett
Audubon, New Jersey

We share our lives from day to day
With folk we meet along life’s way
By our thoughts, our words, our deeds
Our lives are truly sowing seeds.

So what we share with others
Our thoughts, words and deeds,
We pray our sharing may fulfill
Someone’s vital needs.

Yes, our lives are a message to someone
As we live from day to day,
For no one lives to one’s self alone
And o’er someone’s life we do hold sway.

by Gwen Adler
LaPuente, California

True friends are few and far between always –
If you find some, treat them as jewels rare,
For friends are hope, with open hearts and true –
Who will your hopes, your joys, your sorrows share.

Let them know you, too, are a loyal friend,
Listen to all their hopes and share their woes;
Be to them as you would they be to you,
There is no end to how friendship may grow.

I know, yes I know.

Have Faith

Have faith and trust in God all you people,
Faith is a quest, quiet, sweet contentment,
Faith is love, inspiration, that’s shed abroad,
Faith is life’s supreme soul’s fulfillment,
Faith is fellowship and brotherhood with God!
God loves you.

– John 3:16

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Winter chill
Filled my house,
Until I opened my
To find my Saviour
Hanging on a wooden tree,
Waiting to come down
And enter in.

Ronald W. Grossman
Bristol, CN 06010

Tashie Mine
by Thomas Emery
Poway, California

To Tashie mine
Tashie mine,
To Tashie mine
Gray gluedon,
Cuddly little one
Softly nestled
In the corner,
Of one tiny rain drop
Dropping out of sky’s own
Darkened blue.
To Tashie mine
Too, Tashie mine,
And kidney pie.

by Rosabel Boyd
Athens, Tennessee

Light your candle,
Let it glow,
Love will flourish
Flame to flow,
Into floodlight
Deep and true;
Light your candle,

All a Poet Needs to Know
Is this too Much?
by Vietta Bartlam Wines

All a poet needs to know,
Joys and sorrows, a forgotten past,
Courage to meet the tomorrows,
Forget the could have beens,
Forget the sinner, forget the sin;
Life is a constant flow,
Live it as right as you know,
If you have the urge to write,
The words will come;
Your brain will whirl, your mind will hum,
You may have been a poet long at heart;
Now with freedom of thought,
Here is your start.

One Little Word
by Vietta Bartlam Wines

If you can speak one little word
That will make some dull life brighter,
Speak out so that it may be heard,
Make someone’s load the lighter,
Ask God’s help, He will hear you;
Make it sound like singing,
You will be blest for what you do,
And the echoes will start ringing.

Brighten Each Tomorrow
by Vietta Bartlam Wines

A bright tomorrow can be filled with joy,
If you ignore pains that annoy,
If you keep singing on your way,
You will brighten another’s day;
Never miss passing hope along,
That helps to keep your heart quite strong,
Never let a smile be rebelling,
It makes others smiles compelling.

by Vietta Bartlam Wines

Low the tree branches
Snow blowing down from the hills,
March winds keenly bitter.

Herald the last snow
Spring waiting in the shadows,
Welcome once again.

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Wines and Roses has been forced to change publishers due to economical reasons. Sue Erwin has done an excellent job in the past and I regret this had to happen, however, I had no choice. The change is 100% due to economic conditions and I thank Sue Erwin for her wonderful service.

Prepared for UAP Distribution
by Vietta Bartlam Wines
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

Artwork by Thomas Emery
Poway, Calif. 93075

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Sovereign Gold Publishing, Ltd.
Iowa City, IA 52244

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