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Prayer for January 1981
by Edith G. Oldham
Louisville, KY 40204

I give thanks unto Thee, O Father, that thou hast ever walked the ways of the earth with me, that Thou hast been my constant companion, guide, and inspiration. I give thanks for Thy protecting presence ever with me, shielding me, guarding me, keeping me upon the clear path of security and goodness that I am destined to travel. Amen.

Watching Sunbeams

My little Scotty lay
Watching sunbeams play
Across the living room rug
So I went in to give her a hug.

by Marie L. Fischer
Toledo, Ohio

A little rhyme
Takes a bit of time.

Seagulls at Long Beach
by Jean Natter
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Seagulls flap their wings
Riding a melody on the bumpy air
Rush to and away from their birch
And land on sandy Earth
For a feathered walk
And feather display
Egressing water play
For a beautiful fun-filled day!

Where Fields Are Fenced
by Remelda Gibson
Toledo, Utah

A change of view is evidenced
Where fields are fenced
With wire
Held fast with strengthened posts of steel
That could not feel
A fire.

A change of view is welcomed when
Now and again
There are
Some cattle, sheep and horses here –
And grazing near
And far.

Moving Day
by Carol Granato
Philadelphia, PA

We carry only our selves
And a few belongings –
One backward glance, only
The sun’s mute dancing through rooms.

There is nothing to be said –
These walls know us well
And shall keep all a secret.

Most People
by Marie Williams
Lakewood, Ohio

It seems to appear that most people live in fear
Of someone getting too near and hurting them.

Bible Verse: Better be a little that the righteous has than the abundance of many wicked. Psalm 37:16

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Born Dreamers
by Virginia West
Holt, MI

All our born dreamers
Hopes in the sky
Searching for rainbows
That soon fade and die,
Wishing for millions
Building castles of sand
Wearing real diamonds
Like dreamers have planned,
The brightest of fabrics
Will fade in the sun
And dreams are but nightmares
When all’s said and done.

This Love
by Carol Granato
Philadelphia, PA

Let it ever be opened in time –
Not like the shy flower
Whose petals hold truth
But an hour.

This love
Let it radiate through skies of dimmed realms
Let it be a prayer, unfurled
And rising, ever rising.

by Gwen Adler
LaPuente, CA

If I could live again
What would I be?
An artist, a writer
Or just plain me.

Would I be a kinder person,
Would I do more for man,
Would I be happier,
Perchance I live again.

by Vietta B. Wines

Cold night winds landward
From distant ice-locked lake
Inside, a shudder.

One lone robin stays
Defying bold winter winds
Pray spring comes soon.

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The January issue presents prayers for the New Year:

Prayer For Love
by Flora McKinney Hefti
Pasadena, CA

We are praying for the children of God on both sides. Well for us to have a clear view of our family responsibilities if we want peace in the home and in the world. The primitive people struggle for their rights and we all have a stake in freedom for all mankind. But some are more ready than others for the blessings of self government. We must teach our young what has been learned over the centuries. As children must learn and be disciplined so must all adults in the world. When Helen Keller could not see or hear it was difficult for her family and a good teacher was found to work with her. It took a while but they stuck with it and she learned how to live in the world. We must have patience and teach that we have learned about law. Our Father-Mother God is with us to educate us and we can learn.

To His Compassion – Dear God!
by Vietta B. Wines

Another year has now become the past
Filled with turbulence until the last,
I had my dreams and some came true,
Because I put my trust in You.

As I come to the quiet ending of this prayer
You are listening in the cast somewhere
I have made no New Year’s resolutions
I have resolved to attempt no solutions.

I will live each day the very best I can
Consult and follow Your Divine Plan
And when the day comes I am laid to rest
May someone whisper gently, “She did her best.”

So be it.

by Vietta B. Wines

In the far future if I have written
One short line or ten thousand words
And my name is long forgotten;
But the words remain –
I will have fulfilled my destiny.

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Wines and Roses
Prepared for UAP Distribution by Vietta Bartlam Wines
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

Cover by Thomas Emery
Member, UAP
Poway, CA 92064

Published by Sue Erwin (UAP)
San Jose, CA 95127
(Printed by Offset)

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