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“We must recruit, but we must DEVELOP more”

New Members

Recruit Margaret Laing writes in from Greenville, S. C., to tell us her name is spelled in the above fashion – and not as it appeared in the Organ. She describes herself as a retired social worker who, as a matter of principle (?), never tells her age… A graduate of Agnes Scott Institute in Decatur, Ga; she taught before entering social work in 1905.

Sportswriting is the forte of a new member from this city. And William Victor Gallo can turn out a portrait of your favorite sports character with equal, if not greater, ease! Bill’s the “tall, dark, and handsome” type you may have heard about. When he leaves us for the Marines he will be ready for a fight, for he has been something of an amateur boxer. If you’re looking for sports copy, catch him before he jumps over into the adjoining servicemen’s column.

Sioux City, Iowa, may boast a new printer in F. C. Steele. A member of the Iowa State Guard, he doesn’t have much time, but he hopes to have his paper in the bundles soon. Bud will do his printing on a Cub press.

Another printer recruit is Paul Jackson of Long Beach, New York. He’s publishing already!

The Boys in Service

A spot of philosophy from Pvt. Clyde Borgers: “War is fought mainly because men want things. Just now it is the thirst for power which I credit with the chief blame for this war. If no one wanted anything there would be no war; and conversely if we all had everything we wanted there would be a heck of a mess.”

Serving since early in the year as a civilian attache, Pvt. Sid Cohen has now been transferred to active duty with the Signal Corps… In the “What, again?” Department of the Mat falls the flash from Sid that he is, and we quote him: “Engaged to the most precious, beautiful girl in the world.” In case that’s a description you might apply to someone you’re thinking of, Sid refers to Mildred Hollenberg, of Jersey City. Best of luck on both scores, boy!

Claiming that the Air Corps life is “tops,” Pvt. Bob Kunde is looking forward to the possibility that he may instruct Pvt. Merton Hiatt in radio. It would be quite a coincidence, but the army moves men around so much “it could happen here!”

Write to the editor of Welcome Mat for addresses of service men. Publishing ‘em is out!

The unpretentious Welcome Mat is published to help the American Amateur Press Association develop its new and less-active members, and to keep contact with AAPAans now in the Armed Forces, by…

William Haywood, New York

Merry Christmas!

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