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“We must recruit, but we must DEVELOP more”

Leland Hawes writes about his Gator Growl that he does “have a time keeping type clean.” Brush it every stencil, Lee, preferably with a steel-wire brush, and pick out the “e,” “a,” and “s” at least twice a stencil. Lee also publishes an artistically-illustrated local Flint River Diver, which “Comes up with the News.”

Last May Russ Paxton recruited Mrs. Ruth Thompson, Port Reading, N. J., and the AAPA gained another poet and author of short articles. Mrs. Thompson says: “I have made contact with Ray Albert, whom I have sent a number of poems. It would be fun, indeed, publishing a journal of my own, but that is not the purpose for which I joined. Not that I wouldn’t care to, but for lack of time. I go to business, and along with household duties, find that my efforts can be but fragmentary. I have had a number of poems and short articles on file, and for the past few years have had a great deal of pleasure, when time permitted, doing work of this kind, I have received many prizes, which further spurred me to keep up my writing. I have enjoyed the papers already sent me, and know I shall continue to enjoy them.”

E. J. Sharbatz, who joined only last April himself, recruited Dr. Grayce Claire Barthel of the School of Correct Speech, Saint Louis, Mo., in May. She writes: “I have derived a great deal of pleasure from the literature I have received already If time would permit, I should like to write to each writer of each paper or journal but that is impossible. I am indeed happy to be a member of such an organization in which Youth, Good-fellowship, and Self-improvement are its chief aims.”

Cadet Bob Kunde remarks that “Army life is a swell experience,” though it does keep him from his 5 x 8 press, and thanks those thoughtful ajays who have sent him letters and advance copies of their journals published for the AAPA – “Still the foremost amateur press group.”

The unpretentious Welcome Mat is published to help the American Amateur Press Association develop its new and less-active members, and to keep contact with AAPAans now in the Armed Forces, by…

William Haywood, New York
Helen A. Vivarttas, Grand Central Annex, New York

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