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The Source of the Nile

ANOTHER NAME has been added to the list of famous African explorers. Livingstone, Stanley, Baker, et al., make room for Prof. Lentz – not for discovery, but alas! For un-discovery. The Prof. has the scientific community buzzing since he announced conclusive proof that the major source of the Nile has yet to be discovered!

In the early ‘20s the Prof. made a then – seemingly – impossible auto trip from Cape Town to Cairo, driving a modified Stutz Bear Cat of his own design. (This singular vehicle is now being restored and soon will take its place beside the Apollo spacecraft in the Smythesonian.) He made, as is his wont, numerous observations along the way, took notes, and just recently found the time to analyze them. They show that the Nile loses by evaporation, irrigation, etc. 97.3% of all water that it receives from all of its known sources, yet delivers twice this amount to the Mediterranean. Pressed, the Prof’s eyes twinkled but all he would say was:

To The Nile

Geographers will tax their wits,
There’s no hypothesis that fits.
Analysis though rather faint,
Tell us only what you ain’t.
What strange phenomenon’s involved
In this enigma, yet unsolved?

The Prof. Admits that he used the 1350 lunar year readings of the 20 ancient (old kingdom) Nilometers between Aswan and Cairo in his calculations, but it’s obvious that he knows more than he’s saying. Meanwhile, Natural Geographic has offered to finance an expedition to solve the riddle, if the Prof. will agree to head it up. Unfortunately, the Prof. is not presently available for comment, having mysteriously disappeared recently while investigating the fourth dimension.

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This ‘n That

SOMETIMES our newcomers are too modest to enter their own work for consideration for laureate honors. Take it from me, this is false modesty. Many fine things by new members, fully deserving of laureate honors, have gone unrewarded for this reason. Don’t let yours meet this fate, enter it properly. A laureate certificate will be admired for as long as you live.

SO FAR this year has borne-out our hope for a friendly & active year. The bundles have been large with a nice balance of established journals and a goodly number of fine No. 1 issues from new members – many reporting a warm response that inspires greater efforts. The inclusion by the Mailer of a Post Card of the Month card (supplied by Russ Paxton) was timely and encouraged correspondence.

THE PASSING of George Macauley on November 17 was sad news. This former president had been a long-time member and loved the NAPA. He was 84 years old.

With half of the year gone, we are looking now toward a great Convention at Denver. Elaine Peck has accepted the responsibility of Chairman of Arrangements, and with the capable Ramon Meyer and the Columbine Assn. to help, ‘70 at Denver looks like a winner. Plan now to attend.

AT PRESS TIME, we hear of the death of another member, F. F. Thomas, whose beautiful Far Afield will be remembered as one of the all-time-great amateur journals. 30, Fred.

Eve (Koch – Antiqua)

Although this type was intended by its designer to supplant the black-face gothics in use in Germany, it didn’t work out that way. Designed by Rudolph Koch in the early 20s, it was cast by the Klingspor foundry. Eve is a beautiful typeface but far too pretty to make a satisfactory book face.

Some designers have used it in advertising jewelry and others elegant items, for which it is admirably suited. In small doses it is pleasing, but the reader is apt to be sated if overexposed to Eve’s charms.

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