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Werner Okays Houston
Date Not Yet Decided Upon By Convention Committee

Garland, Texas, April 5 – IN a round-robin message to the Texas division of the convention committee President Werner announced that he thought it best to award the Texas Chapter with the convention site. Preparations will begin immediately for the big Houston Ajay Jamboree. The convention committee is composed of Bob Kunde (Chairman), Bill Bradfield, Johnnie Vaglienti, and Tom Barnhouse.

May I Present”

The newest addition to the Texchap – June Wilkins of Dallas, Texas. June is editor of one of the best high school papers in Texas, the Highland Park High Bagpipe. She is 15, 5 ft. 8, and 135 is her weight. At Hi Park she is classified as a Senior, and besides being editor of the Bagpipe, she is president of the Travel Club and a member of the National Honor Society, Quill & Scroll, the Student Council, and other school organizations. She plans to enter Southern Methodist University this summer.

The Student’s Quandry”

Lots of little zeros
Not so very quaint
Make my graduation
Look as if it ain’t.

A Scotch Love Story

Donald McCautious sat with his arm around Mary McThrifty. It was a night for love.

His heart was stirred by sentiment. He longed to do something wild and bold; to say something startling. Suddenly he was swept romantic and passionate and from all reasoning by a wave of overwhelming inspiration.

“Mary,” he gasped, before he could resist the frenzied impulse of the idea. “Mary, a penny for your thoughts.”

The girl’s heart fluttered. So he loved her as much as that. She, too, would do something noble and heroic; he would know his love was requited.

“Na, na, Donald,” she whispered, “keep your penny.”

Such is true love.

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by Bill Bradfield

We of the convention committee must have the full cooperation of all active AAPA members if the Houston convention is to be successful. We want a large attendance at the convention – it is not worth the trouble if only ten or twelve members get together. To be successful we need more than twenty or twenty-five members. So we want to hear from every ajay who hopes to attend. The AAPA members must support us – prove your faith in amateur journalism, and attend the HOUSTON AJAY JAMBOREE this summer! Drop either Bob Kunde (Address: RFD, Stevensville, Mich.) or me a postcard and let us know what date in July or August would be most convenient for you to attend.


The Political Pot is now “in the market” for announcements of candidates for AAPA offices. These announcements will be carried in a late summer issue. If you are a candidate, please follow these rules: send a brief statement, naming the office you are running for, on a postcard to both of the editors, Johnnie Vaglienti (P. O. Box 92, League City, Texas) and Bill Bradford (Garland News, Garland, Texas).

Tribute to a Voter
by Dean Meredith

The best friend that a politician may have in this cockeyed world, the one that seldom proves ungrateful, is the voter. The voter stands by him in defeat and in victory, in chaos and prosperity, in clover and in hot water. He will sleep in a tar paper shack when the wintry winds blow and the rain drives fiercely, if only he may work for the Master’s side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer him. He guards the sleep of the politician as if he were a god. When all other friends desert, he remains. When prosperity takes wing and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the bandwagon on its journey through the country.

If fortune drives the politician forth a candidate in the land, willing and brave to conduct a campaign, the faithful voter asks no higher privilege than that of supporting him, to guard against hecklers, to fight against his enemies, to smoke his cigars, and when the final day of all takes the politician in its election embrace, and his name glistens on the ballot, no matter if all other friends pursue their way, there by the voting booth will the noble voter be found, his head between his ears, a pencil in his fingers, a vacuum in his pocketbook, a kink in his back, a tax receipt in his pocket, his face sad but his eyes hopeful, open in alert dumbness, faithful and true down to his last quivering “X” and in a quandary to the final outcome.

“I’m not under the alkafluence of incohol.
Tho many thinkle peep I am.
I’m not so thrunk as you drink I am,
But I fool so feelish
I hardly know who is me.”

– CAPS and lower case

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The Typelice

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AAPA Charter A-54
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Garland News – Garland, Texas

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