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In 1942 in Casper, Wyoming, I met Elmer Perdue, an ardent Fantasy Fan, and read several FAPA papers. After this and reading No. 144 Literary Newsette edited by Laney-Rimel, I feel urged to venture the suggestion that trying to compare FAPA with NAPA is like comparing “Inner Sanctum” with “One Man’s Family.” To which do you listen? “Inner Sanctum” has oodles of screams, fantasy, lunatics and squeaking doors, if that’s what you crave. But if you are interested in something human, full of heart beats, down-to-earth philosophy and reasoning and real personalities, you’ll choose “One Man’s Family” – and the NAPA.

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IMPortant Dates Needed for Handbook

What with B. J. Smith overseas and the linotypers and J. P. busier than ever, work on the Handbook of Amateur Journalism is progressing slowly. However, B. J. left the lists of officers, biographies of the Presidents and most of the laureate winners with me and a great deal of this has been set. With any kind of luck, the project will be completed this year. At any rate we promise to finish it – slowly but surely. Here is where you come in. Since the book has been delayed this far, I figured a little further delay would not be amiss if the handbook could become more accurate and complete because of it. So will those of you knowing any of the missing dates listed below please send them to me.

Dates of Deaths Of

Will L. Wright
Theodore B. Theile
Will S. Moore

Dates of Births Of

Dennie A. Sullivan
Will L. Wright
Will T. Hall
Jacob J. Moidel
Jennie M. Kendall
Leston M. Ayres
Anne K. Kramer
Edward M. Lind
Will Hancock
Theodore B. Thiele
Fostor Gilroy
Edward F. Suhre
Dennie A. Sullivan
Will S. Moore
Edith Dowe Miniter
George J. Houtain
Harry E. Martin
E. Dorothy Houtain
Harry R. Marlowe
Earl C. Kelley
Margaret N. Martin
Felicitas C. Haggerty

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Several of these people are still living so we hope to receive all of these dates at least. Now don’t be bashful. We will all love you the same whether you’re nine or ninety-nine. Dates in years only will be welcomed, if you lack the day and month.

At the same time, if you know any important facts or interesting side-lights about an ex-president, please enclose them. If not too difficult to include, I will incorporate them in B. J.’s already well written biographies. Or they will be catalogued for future use.

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IMPersonated by Elaine J. Meers for the purpose of IMParting to members of the NAPA some of her varied IMPressions while awaiting with IMPatience the time and other factors necessary to produce an Inklings. Admittedly IMPulsive and IMPerfect.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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