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Evening Calm
by Albert Chapin
West Roxbury, Mass.

When sounds of ocean waves in slumber die,
As in some cove where peace and stillness reign,
No plaintive murmur and no winds that sigh,
And stars are restless on the sleeping main,
At that still hour the mariner will keep
His vigil, toward the dim horizon; bound
Where gleaming shore is rising from the deep;
But sky, and sea, and solitude around.

Then on the lonely deck with silent helm,
Still homeward borne, with fancy unconfined,
He sees the grandeur of another realm
That leaves the dreary ocean far behind…
As lightning flashes on its brief career,
So swiftly come the scenes to him so dear.

Topix in Ayjay

Francis W. Miller in his March Echoes attacks with vigor Walter Hoxie’s editorial on Fascism. He says Walter’s ‘not well-acquainted with the facts’ and indicts him for misstatement of facts. Can you disprove ONE, Frank?

The editor of Echoes goes on to say, ‘newspapers and radio news services of this country are about 90 per cent Communistic.’ How can he accuse Walter and then make such an absurd statement?

Sid Cohen, Second Vice President of the AAPA and publisher of The Ayjayer’s Den, is a contributor to this number of Topix. Sid is a high school senior and would like to see an American local club in the Metropolitan area. So would we. Any New Yorkers interested please write.

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Fascist Brazil?
By Sidney Cohen
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Brazil will not join the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo pact against the existence and spread of Communism!

Why? Because Brazil, despite the fact that it is now being run by dictator Vargas, has different policies than Germany, Japan, or Italy. For instance, the foreign policies of the above three Fascist nations are aggressiveness and to extend the influence and authority of Fascism in world affairs. The Brazilian policy is to stay out of the affairs of other nations. Fortunately, Brazil can well afford to be independent of any and every other nation and therefore, naturally, Vargas would not do anything which might endanger his position, as Brazil possesses more invaluable natural resources than any two countries. It has every mineral and produces everything from soup to nuts.

And Getudio Vargas would not foolishly try to violate the Monroe Doctrine, our policy to oppose the extension of European power in the Western Hemisphere. It might be the downfall of Vargas.

by John R. Mayer
Weehawken, N. J.

Now that the Spring season reapproaches, bringing with it our ever-youthful sun, bubbling with warmth and life, my thoughts turn once more to that vacation spot which I have often thought God would have chosen for himself. It is a constant source of wonder to me how I ever stumbled upon it, and the pleasure I derive just thinking about it is second only to that delight anyone would experience from seeing it. You would understand what I mean if you could spend a few hours with me on the coast of Maine.

There is no sea in the world so magnificent or so powerful as the waters that hurl themselves at the gray-black rock. They gather their armies in long, massive lines, garbed in a blue-green hue no artist could imitate, and pitch them head-long at the stern defenders, only to be broken into a million tiny drops of spray. To stand on those rocks, listening to the roar of these wild waves that greet destruction so gaily, gives the soul strength, courage, and peace, and you return to the battle of life a little reassured, a little happier, a bit hopeful of success.

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