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The Doggone Hit Parade
by Sue M.
(Script for Broadcast Over K-9 Network)

ANNOUNCER: And now, bow wow, your Hit Parade presented by Wash ‘em (theme song is played). Always get Wash ‘em, dogs and puppies, for it really gets rid of (fog horn) D. O. (Dog Odor). May be this is your case: (Dainty Pekinese voice) “I wonder why Spotty doesn’t take me bone-hunting any more?” (Deep Great Dane voice): “Ever heard this?” (fog horn) “Dee-e-e Oh-h-h!”

(Peke voice) “Oh, yes. D. O. Oh-h-h! Do I have D. O.?”

(Great Dane voice): “Sniff for yourself.”

(Peke voice): “Oh, my!”

(Music gradually breaks in).

Chorus: “La, la, woof woof… Oh, singin’ in the wash tub, singin’ for fun, Livin’ the life of Wash ‘em! Can’t help singing’, ‘cause I know, Wash ‘em really stops D. O.”

ANNOUNCER: This evening No. 10 on your Hit Parade is Dogsey Bones!

(Music is played).

ANNOUNCER: Next on your Hit Parade is The Tale of Two Dog Biscuits.


ANNOUNCER: Eighth on this week’s Hit Parade is I’m Gonna Dance With a Doggy.


ANNOUNCER Next is I’ll Trot Alone.


ANNOUNCER: Next is Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Puppy?


ANNOUNCER: Now for an all-time old timer, The Dog Town Strutters’ Brawl.


ANNOUNCER: Next, fourth on this week’s Hit Parade is We’ll Bury Our Bones Together.


ANNOUNCER: And now for the three top tunes of the week! Third from the top is The Dog Cart Song.


ANNOUNCER: Second from the top is There Goes That Bark Again.


ANNOUNCER: And now we come to the top tune of the week as judged by jitterhounds and other doggy music lovers throughout Dogland. And here it is! No. 1 on your Hit Parade! (Blare of trumpets). It’s Don’t Fence Me In! This song still remains top favorite despite the humans having adopted it.


ANNOUNCER: (As theme song music begins) So long for a while, and remember, Wash ‘em, so soft, so wet, so round, so square, so what, really stops D. O.

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The picture of me on the front page appeared in The Seattle Star with a story about Ting-a-ling and the National Amateur Press Association on December 26, 1944. The story notified all boys and girls who might be interested in Amateur Journalism to phone me or drop me a note.

As a result of this publicity a number of inquiries were received, both by telephone and by mail. In response these I sent letters with membership application blanks and copies of Ting-a-Ling to those who inquired. The letter explained how to join and how much it cost.

In practically every case I learned that $2 dues per year seemed too high for teen-agers. And, after all, $2 is a lot of money to a boy or girl getting a small allowance each week from their parents. The parents, too, think $2 too high.

Of course, they don’t know how much fun one can get out of being a member of the National Amateur Press Association and writing stories and articles which appear in amateur papers. After they were in the N. A. P. A. they wouldn’t mind paying $2 a year.

I think it would be a good thing if we had junior memberships at $1 per year, for boys and girls under 16 years of age. Such a plan would enable more boys and girls to join. What do you think?

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An Occasional Amateur Paper

Sue Moitoret, Editor and publisher
Seattle, Washington

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