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You will be surprised to learn that this year we aren’t supporting our perennial Single Tax candidate for the presidency, Alfred P. Babcock, he of Cranford, N. J. “Count me out of this politics business,” he said airily to our Inquiring (i. e., nosey) Reporter as he got a good grip on his brief case and sprinted for his commuter train to New York City. So, instead we

will vote for

President – James F. Guinane
Vice President – Alexia Ostergaard
Official Editor – Beecher Ogden
Secretary-Treasurer – Emerson Duerr
Recorder – Maurice Peach
Executive Judges – F. F. Thomas, Jr., Alvin S. Fick, Ray A. Albert, Alan Harshaw, Hazel Segal
Recorder – Olive Teugels

Here’s a Full Slate of Officers!

Unlike Willabecca of Shady Acre and the Colorado Rover Boys, SD will not short-change its readers with an incomplete slate of officers, even if it has to run for one itself – one for which Madame W. can offer only a retread job and which the Western Whiz-Kids say can’t be filled this year.

Everyone has talked about JAMES GUINANE for years as one of the brightest amateurs to join National since 1906. It’s time we curtailed the gab and started voting him into office!

For veep our choice is LEXY OSTERGAARD. The Rover Boys ask you to vote for her husband, Brauner, but SD says to you to accept no substitutes. Lexy is the one who sets the type. Brauner merely feeds the press, the easy part of the work.

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A Fate Worse Than Death or Heins

On the score of official editor we find ourselves tortured with pain by Mme. Keffer’s suggestion that the National Amateur be added to the chain of papers controlled by Colorado’s wealthiest publisher. The NA is one of the last bastions of free speech, and to obliterate what little is left of its individuality, sparkle, and reader appeal by making it one of a string of glossy slicks would be cruel. Better we should drag the Sage of Ridgefield Park away from his Phoenix to enliven the NA with photos of old conventions, eulogies of Edward F. Daas (the permanent Secretary of the United Amateur Press Association), vigorous editorial comment (with special reference to his detractors in Elmhurst, Ill. and the American Amateur Press Association), old photos of and lavish praise of Mrs. Heins’ son Charles, inimitable eccentricities of orthography and syntax, and flawless poetry on which he has placed his personal seal of approval.

Observant readers will wonder why we list two names for Recorder and five for Executive Judge. We’ll repeat what we told our proofreader, that we are not niggardly and believe in full measure, running over if necessary to prove our point

3,694,271.8 Words and No End in Sight!

For this important post we give you BEECHER OGDEN, who in turn will give you nothing but photos in the NA – and how we need them! Do you know that Algebra, the computing robot of Social Security, has counted 3,694,271.8 words in the current volume of the NA and not one photograph? (Government experts are stumped by that .8 word, but Algebra has blinked out the same answer eight times in a row!) A vote for Beecher will help us out of this verbicultural hothouse.

And now we come to the office no one wants, according to Kerm and Stan, and which Wma. can talk Vondy into filling again – if she twists her arm hard enough. Dear, dear Wma. is too busy twisting arms at times to notice other hats being shoved – perhaps timidly – into the ring. Here’s our hat, even though we haven’t the slightest chance of winning. We should like six of you, if you will, to vote for us so we will have our name in the NA among the election returns. Two Weehawken housewives have said they will vote for us. Can we count on four more votes to fill our modest quota of six? We hope you will be good enough to do so.

Who Needs Type?

I started to say, before I got off on that political detour, that I’d like to reduce the fontage of type cluttering up my print shop. Here’s a sample of what you can buy for very little. If you can use any of these items, drop me a line and we’ll make a deal. All are foundry type except 18 pt. Brush, which is hard monotype.

10 pt. Neuland 12A
12 pt. Neuland 9A
12 pt. Bookman Old Style 23A 49a
12 pt. Typo Roman Shaded 18A 28a – in original wrappers
12 pt. Bernhard Fashion 23A 49a
14 pt. Bernhard Fashion 10A 20a
14 pt. Typo Upright 9A 20a – also one lc font 20a orig. wrapr.
18 pt. Brush 3A 5a – Quaker City Type Foundry
18 pt. Bookman Old Style 3A 6a – National Type, Detroit

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Published by Emerson Duerr, Elmhurst, Ill.

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