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Mr. Glennon Walsh went to Iowa looking for a pig to be the official mascot for his Kentucky distillery. From the literature emanating from Iowa City he should have no trouble finding one. It would seem that the pig influence has infiltrated Iowa City literary circles, but he’s not looking for uplift – he’s after “sexy snouters with personality” he says. We wish him the best of luck. I’ll recommend BIRKBECK!

Long Live Iowa State Arts Council in perpetuating the Hog Farm language of Kurt Vonnegut, “the DARLING of IOWA CITY!” Join ‘em if you can stand the aroma!

I contend that material printed in Prairie Grass falls into the category in the By-Laws, Article 2, section 6(d). Have we no sense of decency left?

A protest sheet by
Guy B. Storer
Starkville, Mississippi 39759

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