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Brace Yourself, Ed

Allowing Ed Cole to speak at the Newark NAPA Convention Banquet was the greatest blunder of the NAPA. His speech, addressed to a representative group of amateur journalists, was the most prejudiced piece of slander against amateur journalism ever to issue from the lips of one who professes to be an amateur journalist.

Cole’s speech, obviously formulated to arouse ill-will, contained nothing but disparaging remarks pointed at the other amateur press groups outside of the NAPA. He referred to all other amateur journalistic organizations as being either temporary, preparatory, or not worth recognition and maintained that the NAPA was the only, true, and lasting a. j. association.

Far be it from me to question Mr. Cole’s motives; I merely state that his speech showed bad taste.

Another faux pas committed by the NAPA was the omission of a speech of greeting from the AAPA representative present. Speeches were scheduled for representatives of the UAPA, Fossils, and the UAPA Alumni but the AAPA was politely ignored; that is, with the exception of a few slurring inferences in Mr. Cole’s brief tirade. Perhaps this was an unavoidable oversight or perhaps it was thought that Mr. Cole would be a good substitute.

Burton Crane and Sheldon Wesson seem to be running quite rat-race in Tokyo with the Tokyo Wan APC, but I wish the two powers that be would be a little more specific concerning their residence requirements. Is residence in the wan necessary for membership?

The latest Wessonmare pictures Helen with her nails shorn to the knuckles, her teeth falling out, and her hair frizzled waiting at the pier while the wives of all the generals and admirals are loaded on the transports. You’ll learn.

Pip! Pip! Oiy say! Rawtha! And were YOU at the Haywoods’ Sunday, July 7? I wasn’t.

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WHEREAS there is now set up in the NAPA as group called ‘teen agers’, and

Whereas, this group is being given encouragement in publishing, writing and printing, and,

Whereas, the trials and tribulations of young married and unmarried couples between the ages of twenty and thirty are (and have been) increasing, and

Whereas, many of the before-mentioned group have dropped out of amateur journalism because financial and domestic problems were thrown upon them too hastily,

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that a group called the Young Married and Unmarried Couples be hereby established.

* * * *

From where did all these lively (and lovely) young Jersey amateurs spring? Rosy is the future for all male a.j.’s within crawling distance of Jersey.

Just to add a little honey to the previous pages of this pamphlet, I might say that I sincerely enjoyed the privilege of attending the 71st convention of the NAPA and the 51st convention of the UAPA. Room 1120, Spink’s poetry, the two sailors who wanted to sleep, and all the rest will remain carved in my memory forever.

In closing we present three lines done for this issue by Mrs. Wesson, who would dirty her hands in our Caslon cases:

Take it from a woman who’s been wronged: Smitty’s motives are really ulterior – I’m down his printshop… distributing! – Set by Helen W

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