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Cows give milk,
Milk brings money,
Hens lay eggs,
Isn’t that funny?

Just buy a cow,
And a hen or two.
Farmers don’t have
A thing to do.
Tolona Fink

He comes in from the field,
All tired and dirty,
And yells at his wife,
Where is a clean shirty?
Otto Perk

Chauncey came in from following the plow and said to Jennie, “Have you got any dinner for me now?” She called him a villain and a dirty black whelp, if you want any dinner you can get it for yourself. – Author unknown

“To die will be an awfully big adventure.” – Sir James Barrie


Always asking questions
Talking all the while
I think that I’ll go wild
But I wouldn’t trade her
For any other child!
J. L. S.

Jim Huggins died suddenly and his brother on being told the sad news said, “What! Die right in harvest time!”

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Respected Reason

There was a young fellow named Ernie Fry,
Who wished for a week he was able to fly –
He had used a pan for a sled, poor sap….
And thoroughly blistered the back of his lap.
Remelda N. Gibson

My press is a Model 6 x 9. Type used is Modern Roman and Italic, with a very little Franklin Gothic. Anyone else have a Model press? Drop me a card.

If your wife is sour or funny,
Give her money, fill her tummy.
Intaglio Moans

THE DOG FOOD man wasn’t happy. He wanted a horse. He had everything else, but couldn’t keep a horse. They took one look at the dog food man and ran away. But he must have a horse. So he left his mansion on the mountain top. He traveled in many lands. None could help him. Then he heard of a hermit famed for his learning. The wise man asked many questions. Then he gave his verdict. “My friend” he said, “your eyes give you away. For many years you have looked at every horse as so many cans of dog food. Horses are smart. You must wear dark glasses and all will be well.” The dog food man went home and bought a horse. He put on his dark glasses. He looked at the horse and the horse looked at him. He rode down the mountain and he rode up the mountain. The dog food man was happy. He had a horse.
L. Shakshear

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Edited, printed, and published by John L. Shear of Smiths Basin, New York.
Member of A. A. P. A. and Lone Indian Fraternity.

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