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If you have warts on all your toes.
Have hope!
If you want to smell like a rose.
Use soap!
If the weather is rainy and you’re wet to the skin,
Just change your clothes and start to grin.
Don’t mope!
Percival Digatalis

It’s crazy and it’s nutty and there’s not a bit of sense in all these words and phrases written especially for youse gents. – Molly B. Golly

Tobacco is an Indian weed,
And from the devil did proceed.
It stains your fingers,
Scents your clothes,
And makes a chimney of your nose.
Author unknown

“How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” – Psalm 133:1

Thank you – Brock Angle of Tropical Disturbance and the Hurricane; Richard Larson of The Challenger; Leland M. Hawes, Jr., of Gator Growl; J. R. Castleman of The Sword; Don Wible of Pulaski Hilltop; Kenneth Rystrom of The Pinnacle Ernest Pittaro of The Hoot Owl and The Tabloid; Bob North of The North Star; J. G. Simon Jr., of The Puny Press; Mike Phelan, Wilfred E. Mis and Jean Laurette Sullivan for your friendly and encouraging cards and letters. I appreciate them.

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She wasn’t smart
She wasn’t cute
When the game ended
She had the loot.
Intaglio Moans

My Press is a Model No 2 Improved. Its a 6 x 9. The type is No. 8 Modern Roman with Italic to match, and a little Franklin Gothic. Is there another Model Press owner in the AAPA? Please write.

Don’t write for glory
Never get no pelf
Spend many happy hours
Talking to myself.
Tolono Fink

Charley worked for my Dad when I was a boy. He said folks ought to join his church for it didn’t meddle with either politics or religion.

Queen Marie said to me, “It’s raining hard today, so put up your tools, you nasty fools; come in the house and play.” So we put up our tools as we’d been told, we had rather play than work for gold. And the Queen passed around good English wine, made form the fruit of that heavenly vine, our thirst was great and it wasn’t long, before our voices were raised in song. We sang with gusto, both loud and sweet, the Queen being tender hearted, we swept her off her feet. Our noise was so great it awakened the King and he joined us in one last sing, then the royal guard showed us to the door, and as we departed we heard a lusty snore and we saw our Queen sleeping on the floor, as Queen Marie said to me “It’s raining hard today.” – L. Shakeshear

There’s milk in the bottle,
And stew in the pot.
But what this pome is about,
I done forgot!
Einstein Jones

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Edited, printed and published by John L. Shear of Smiths Basin, New York.
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