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A Stranger came to town and hired Joe Murry to cut the brush and clean up a little grave-yard on his farm because, she said, “all her descendents were buried there.”… No. 1 of Printers’ Trading Post has an excellent article on Ajay by Russel L. Paxton…. Our next step is to add a page to display the cuts of the emblems of our hobby affiliations…. It didn’t take PH very long to get results. He promised “all the sweet you can eat.”

An Old Favorite of Mine

Three slightly deaf men were motoring from the North to London in an old, noisy car, and hearing was difficult.

As they were nearing London, one asked: “Is this Wembly?”

“No,” replied the second, “This is Thursday.”

“So am I,” put in the third. “Let’s stop and have one.” – Scrapbook

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:” – Proverbs 17:22

“Let’s have less vinegar and more cider from the press.” – Albert Farrow

Cape Good Hope – sweet sixteen
Cape Flattery – twenty
Cape Lookout – twenty-five
Cap Fear – thirty
Cape Farewell – forty.

She picked out a coat to her husband’s dismay
For the price nearly made him swoon,
But she changed her mind when he calmly said,
“My dear, you look much like a balloon.”
V. H. A.

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The Mice ran over the bedroon floor, and smacked their lips in glee. What did they see, those mice so bold? Mice can’t talk, so I’ve never been told. – Intaglio Moans

To all of our friends and relations,
This message to you I will send,
If you have any clothes, full of holes,
Send them to me and I’ll mend.
Molly B. Golly

Little Known History

Melchisedec was a wonderful guy. Had a thousand wives, which made him sigh. The thousand wives were wives for a day, then they were whipped and given away. – Einstein Jones

Feminine Charm

The fellows admire Virginia Van Fleet
Because she is simply friendly and sweet.
Remelda N. Gibson


APEX is a group of Amateur Printers, owning and operating hand or foot presses who have banded together for the purpose of exchanging information and material. The full name is Amateur Printers Exchange.

Round robin correspondence is carried on by those desiring to participate. In round robin groups of seven the exchange of ideas and information is accomplished.

Those desiring to swap material submit a printed list, or a proof sheet of cuts, type, etc. This printed matter is mailed monthly from the APEX mailing bureau. All swaps are direct.

APEX does not compete with established AJ Associations and is not affiliated with any of them. It is not intended to conflict.

G. Brock Angle
Hialeah, Florida

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Published by John L. Shear of Smiths Basin, N. Y.
Affiliated with APEX

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