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What Do You Think?
by Martha Anne Babcock
(Four years nine months old)

My mommy had a nice birthday. There was a lot of snow outside. Nanny sent her a very nice slip. Uncle Ed sent her some pajamas, just like my snow suit. We had a birthday cake and I blew out the candles. Mommy helped. And then I said, “Mommy, what did Daddy and I give you for your birthday?” And Mommy said, “Nothing yet; it’s a week before payday.” And so I said, “I don’t think that’s a very satisfactory birthday present.”

by Allen and David Albert
(Three years old)

We like to write with a pencil and sometimes Daddy lets us write with his fountain pen. When we grow up we are going to school and drive the fire truck.

We like to go and see the choo-choo trains. One day we saw the “Streamliner.” One day Daddy took us for a ride on a train. We had a big time and want to go again.

A Story
by Bruce Babcock
(Four years old)

I came into the house blue with cold on a winter day and said to my mommy Mommy when is God going to turn on the warm?

by Nancy Ann Hixon
(Six years old)

Snow’s children are
All in the street playing,
And in their nice new white dresses,

Judith Ann

My mother and father call me Judy but my real name is longer; it is Judith Ann Freitag. I am five years old.

One day in the cold air shaft I saw a little blue mouse. I stayed still and then another blue mouse came, and while I stood still and didn’t breathe or move my eyes or fingers, the blue mice sang and it was the prettiest music, the prettiest prettiest music. Finally they got tired and stopped and went away. I have a doll that rolls its eyes and at night it sleeps with me. Last week my doll had the mumps and the chickenpox and once in the night it died. But now it is fine; now it smiles. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My mother’s name is Tencie. She is an artist and draws pictures for me for the bedroom wall. When I grow up I may be a pianist.


My first N.A.P.A. letter was from Alf Babcock. He said I was welcome in N.A.P.A.. He told me about his little girls, Martha Anne and Susan. I think Alf is nice. My name is on the last page of Kitty Kat 31. Rusty and Willametta wrote to me. And Ting-a-ling’s father and Judy Freitag’s dad. Mr. Albert sent us a copy of Just Rays with stuff for little people in it. Don’t his twins sound ornery? I like them.

My arm gets tired writing to so many people but I like to do it.

Elaine Wetzel has had the chicken pox and her mother has been ill too. They are well now and getting ready to move into their new home. On April third I am going to have my tonsils out. This will be my first operation. Ellen, Willametta’s kitten, had an operation too. My aunt got a letter from Ellen and she called her “Aunt Grace!” I had a valentine from Ellen with the mark of her little paw on it. Willametta said she used pink paper for Literary Newsette 188 because pink is the color for little girls. Wasn’t that nice of her? Thank you, Willametta.

Eula Christian has twin boys too. They are three and a half years old and they live in Cleveland, Tennessee. My Aunt Haha lives in Winchester, Tennessee. Mrs. Christian has a little girl two and a half.

I am very proud of all the stories in this issue and of the poem by Nancy Ann Hixon. And of the mouse which Mr. Charles Creaglow made especially for Judy’s story. I hope other little people will take part in the next issue.

Mr. Creaglow made the big mouse and the bitty one is a gift from Frank Swinarski.

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Kim Ehrman, five years old, Editor and Publisher
Columbus, Ohio

Printed by Grace Phillips, Elaine Jorgensen Meers and Kim

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