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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving night I had a Thanksgiving dinner. It was so good that I nearly loved it. I had pheasant and rabbit, mashed potatoes, peas, raisin bread and butter and milk, and I had a coke. I got my elbow in the mashed potatoes.

I have blonde hair. I have a blackboard. I have a fountain pen. I have a big bed.

A Snow Story

Once upon a time there was some snow. I played in it almost all day.

I love it so –
It’s Christmas snow!

And it quit snowing one day. It was so freezing out I blew away. The next day it was so hot that I was ready to die. The next day the kids came over and I began to laugh.

Teddy’s Birthday and the Christmas Tree

Teddy is two years old. He is a good boy. I love him.

Teddy loves the Christmas tree. He reads my books. I have fun with Teddy.

Connie Lynn

Connie Lynn came over one day and played with me.

We surprised Tom by turning out all the lights and sitting in front of the fire. When Tom came we giggled and Tom turned the kitchen light on and we had fun.

I am almost five years old. Connie Lynn is six. She goes to school. She is fat. Her hair is brown. Her eyes are brown. She was wearing her jumper. It is rose colored.

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Sally has two swings in her back yard. She has two on her front porch. She is a good girl. She plays with Connie Lynn Hillyer and me. Sometimes she is mean to Connie and me. She just bosses me around and everyplace Connie or I go Sally yells at us and bosses and yells and screams and then we go home.

About Big People

Ray, Aunt Whee and my mommie and Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Todd.

Molly and Mike

Molly had infantile paralysis and Mike got a cold. Mrs. Martin has Kathleen. Kathleen is a little tiny baby. She is already born and home from the hospital.

Mike and Molly fight and sometimes Marty and I fuss together. Marty Ehrman is my brother. Marty is a big boy. A long long time ago we all played with streamers. They are all rolled up in a ball. You run with them and then you throw them and they fly like a kite.


Baby is a girl dog. She is black all over. She is a bad little puppy. She got under the davenport and she got stuck and she wet on the floor and we had a new rug. She is a half a Scottie and I don’t know what the other half is.

What I Know About Printing

I have my own case of type. I set it up in a stick with the nicks pointed to the outside. We lock the form up with quoins. We lock it up in a chase.

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Alma Kimble Ehrman, Editor and Publisher
Columbus, Ohio


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