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The Gift of Life
by Harry Slocum Tordoff

God gave man – a thing called Life,
A precious gift from Heaven;
He did not promise freedom from strife,
But He did promise ‘Sins Forgiven.’

But, what has man done with this Sacred Gift,
So freely given of God?
What has he done to preserve and lift
That life – upon this sod?

He has desecrated the very meaning
Of Life… as pertains to God;
And we find him ever leaning
Toward the pleasures of ‘Gog.’

Life – as it was given to man
At the very beginning of Time,
If lived according to God’s Great Plan,
Can make our existence Divine.

But, Hate has taken over that Life
In so very many cases;
The result is misery and strife
Throughout Life’s many phases.

Discard a lot of what you hear
Detrimental to your Brother;
Make Life easier to bear
As you travel Life’s road – together.

That Life – God gave so freely,
To His children – here on earth,
Is Valuable property…
Let’s really prove its worth.

Thank Thee
by H. D. Breighner, Sr.

Today we can all be thankful
That we can still help our fellow man,
The roses seem more beautiful today,
But then, I’m here to see… they are grand.

WE all have so much to be thankful for
When we see the early morning glow…
The birds may wake us to its beauty,
And we now have friendship seeds to sow.

Our first words should start the day
By our prayer, “Thank Thee, Lord, for everything.”
We may think that we must hurry along,
But don’t forget: “We are blessed as we sing.”

“We live in a glorious world, so great,
We will never understand ‘How Great Thou Art’”

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“A strange bird sang a song from another shore and a poem was born.
To write, some say a person must be insane,
But what a wonderful madness to have.” – Joseph M. Ford

Autumn Hues in Florida
by Lucille Fisher Roseberry
(New U.A.P. member)

Acorns nearing maturity for birds
And animals’ winter store…
Pecan trees half-laden with nuts;
Busy squirrels in their quest storing more.
Powder puffs of rosy red and colorful hibiscus;
Also chocolaty brown seeds on the ear tree.
Sumachs, Sweet Gums, Cypress, and Maples
So scarce, will all soon be bare, you see.
Trees of orange, and gold-bowed branches
In the groves;
People from the north and many birds
Return in droves.
Fields of tomatoes, green, and turning red;
Copper shrubs and strawberry plants are growing.
Citrus and winter vegetables in the markets
Everywhere are showing.
Poinsettia of pure white and crimson red
For that Holy Season of the year.
Crotons green with splashes of gold,
Of crimson and green;
WE enjoy their autumn hues continually here.

by Gerald Bradish

The road to happiness
Is not so hard to find…
Just walk along serenely
And leave your cares behind.

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Which – Religion or Christianity
by Harry Slocum Tordoff

Regardless of your ‘Religion’ –
To whatever church you belong;
Do try to be a ‘Christian’
Do go through life with a song.

Do give to others – what you expect,
Or even a little more…
As you live your life in Retrospect,
Don’t feel – “it’s been a chore.”

To really be a Christian,
Look back through the Bible’s pages,
And try to live Your ‘Religion’
AS they did down through the Ages.

Oh Yes! there were “Bad Ones” then,
Just as we have today…
But there were also “Good Men”
Christians – “All The Way.”

Remember, and try to emulate
Those Christian Men of old,
And ever, and always, contemplate
On a Christian Manhood’s Goal.

For All The Good
by Harry Slocum Tordoff

For all the good we’ve seen, Dear Lord,
For all Thy Blessings, given,
Accept our humble thanks, Dear Lord,
As it rises up t’ward Heaven.

We, in these United States,
Have so much more through life…
Regardless of life’s station
And its quantity of strife.

You have taken care of us
Through trials and tribulations,
But you’ve always brought us through, Dear Lord,
In every situation.

Yes – Thank You, Lord, we appreciate
Your Loving, Sacred Care;
Eventually – may we merit
Our Castle “In The Air.”

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Short Circuit 2 – Volume 1, Issue 12, November 1978
Harry and Etna L. Tordoff,
Cranston, Rhode Island, U.S.A. 02920 For U.A.P.

Contents from U.A.P. Manuscript Bureau

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