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A Special Time
by Pat Saunders

Christmas, Sweet Christmas
Shining through our door
Lighting up the tree top
Warming up the floor;

Winter, cold winter
Snowing on our hills
Blowing frost on windows
Topping gifts with frills.

Father, Dear Father,
Take away our tears
Peace in every heart, please,
Joy through all the years.

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Christmas Joy
by Flora McKinney Hefti

Chestnut stuffing and all the sweet smells from the kitchen. Happy family reunion for a full day of sharing the news. Radiantly joining of new partners since the last family party. Important listening to the children as they arrive with greetings. Satisfied elders talking by the fireside after the big dinner. Telling the dear old story about the child born in Bethlehem. More sharing of gifts from the tree with sweet surprises. All singing together and praising God, the giver of all good. Simple and peaceful with gratitude for blessings received. So long ago but still fresh in our memories.

Joy has changed from holiday food to a higher degree of bread. Our unity is wider than one family of kith and kin. You and I and all the others can meet in church to sing and be together.

Christmas Call
by John R. McComas

Some family members live
So far away
They mail Xmas goodies,
But at the sound of their voices
The family rejoices.

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Santa’s a Gamblin’ Man
by Isabelle M. Wall

It was 4 AM as we climbed the stairs.
The tree was trimmed, all the presents were there.
We piled in exhausted, the bed felt like heaven,
Had hopes the kids would sleep until seven.

I woke with a start, kids all ‘round the bed
Christmas right then was a pain in the head.
I opened one eye and asked, “Has Santa been here?”
Trying to catch the mood of each face, so dear.

“Yeh, he came alright, boy, did he ever!,
The best Christmas yet!” They all chorused together.
“Yeh!” exclaimed Tim, “There’s toys and stuff everywhere,
He even left his suit hanging over Dad’s chair.
Come on Mom and Dad, come on down and see!”

“Santa’s old suit?” Dad grumbled, “Means nothin’ to me!”
That left it to me to explain, if explain I must.
“That’s just like a man!” I thought in disgust.

“I know!” said David, our eldest, aged ten,
“Dad played Santa for the Elks again!”
“No!” Said Tim, “His boots aren’t here, nor is his hat!
Dad couldn’t play Santa lookin’ like that!”

Mary our daughter, young but wise, she was
In summing it up, said this was the cause,
“Dad gave him some toddy, to ward off the chill,
Had him sit by the fire to soak up his fill,
Then conned him into a game of poker, or two
Santa gambled his suit, and all the toys too!

Can’t you just see him as he rides thru the air
Sitting there shivering in his red underwear?
Cussing to himself, in winter’s cold bit
Calling, “Merry Christmas to all, have a warm night!”

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by Gerald S. Bradish

Snowbirds in the brush
Night comes in a rush,
Winter’s white and frosty trees
Shed some dry frost-bitten leaves,
Winter has its memories.

When Santa Claus Forgot
by Eleanore-Melissa

In my heart forever drips
A dry invisible tear
For the little boy who didn’t get
His Christmas wish, one year.
All the rich gifts of the world
Can never quite erase
The memory of a small boy
With a disappointed face.

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A Christmas Thought
by Hazel A. Millasich

I remember Christmas –
Icicles and snow
Skates and sleds and Snowmen
Standing in a row.

Merry laughter, ringing
Through the icy air;
Tingling, mittened fingers,
(Might as well be bare!)

“Christmas is for children,”
Frequently I hear
Christmas was for everyone
Those long ago, past years.

Christmas is for boys and girls
And old and young, and yet
Christmas for the Christ Child!
How can one forget.

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Christmas Hello…
(These two poems did not have their author’s name on the manuscript. They were separated from their envelope. If you are the author, please write and I will publish that next issue.)

At Christmas I can’t help but think
Of all the friends I’ve known,
And wish that I could spend a day
With each of you alone,
So we could talk about the past
And of the present too,
But since I can’t, at least I can
Send my regards to you.

Blessed Christmas

What can I give you for Christmas –
God’s gift of His Son was so rare –
The only thing that I can think of
Is to send you my gift of a prayer;
I pray God will bless you this Christmas
And as into the next year you start,
I pray the love-gift that He gave you
Will always live deep in your heart.

I think of the hostages… all these days away from their families and I give thanks that we are here and under the arm of freedom… then I pray for all people whose lives are uncertain… for strength.

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Recession Special is published for UAP, UAPAA and AAPA by Patricia Saunders, Cambridge, Wis.

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