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Nature Examined
by Daniel H. Mitchell

The snow was blowing fiercely
Nor downward did it fall.
The owls were seeking shelter;
They made their chilling call.

The rabbits scurried quickly
To heavens that they knew;
A young buck sought the forest
Of sturdy oak trees true.

The howling wind did smother
Loud cries of birds distressed;
Large branches bent in rhythm
To meet the wint’ry test.

But then, the cold did lighten,
And creatures all around
Did watch the gale soften,
And lose its fearful sound.

The breezes now were silent,
The night would bring more peace,
The creatures now were quiet,
Their fears were now to cease.

The moon, it now rose slowly
Up in the tranquil sky;
The branches now were shining,
And others bye and bye.

The picture was of beauty,
Of high repose and grace.
The storm gave way to calmness,
‘Twas joy within its place.

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The Sparrow
by Daniel H. Mitchell

I saw the stunning roses.
I walked among the trees.
I listened to the music
Of tiny buzzing bees.

My heart was full and dreamy.
I looked up at the sky;
A little baby sparrow
Was learning how to fly.

I thought of days much simpler
When life was slower, too;
And how I used to visit
With happy people true.

But now the world is hectic
With heavy noise and grind,
With people running frantic
And too much on their mind.

Oh where is calm and quiet,
Oh why’d it have to flee?
In scurry always faster,
Does mankind have to be?

Let’s go back to the roses
And all those shining trees.
Let’s make some finer music
Than those buzzing bees.

Let’s get full and dreamy
And look back at the sky.
Let’s realize the sparrow
Can teach us how to cry.

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Handset and printed by Keith M. Gray at the Gray Private Press Mundelein, IL 60060. A 7 x 11 Pearl used to print 400 copies for sending to members of the NAPA and other friends.

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