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Make Up Your Mind: Let’s Get Together

It is the humble opinion of this writer that it is about time that the amateur journalists of the world sat down and decided just what the aims of the hobby are, then make up a few minds and carry them out.

For one thing, I would suggest that the printers stop fighting the mimeographers. Instead, help each other improve quality and help non-publishing members obtain the equipment they need to publish whether a press or a mimeograph will best serve the purpose.

Then, I would suggest that the deluxe publishers (24 page journals) stop hollering about nobody appreciating them and do something about it. For one person, I could enjoy a lot of them if I could only see them. I’m only getting one-third of them now. Why not send an issue through the bundle, then write each member that doesn’t reply to ask why. Then drop the people that don’t reply from your mailing list. Sure, it is more work, but it would be better for the hobby.

Another matter that should be decided is the size and purpose of the official organ. If you run out of topics to discuss, start on dues and finances. Are we going constantly up, or will $1 or $2 do?

Are we going to help our inactive members or are we just going to bawl them out? Are we going to help with constructive criticism, or are we going to tear journals and manuscripts apart and leave them hanging? Come on gang, let’s settle things once and for all and have some fun! I’ve suggested a few topics to get out of the way, now you give your opinions on them.

A Suggestion: Let’s Drop the C. & C. Bureau

After two years of service as AAPA Clubs and Chapters Bureau Manager I have come to one conclusion: The Clubs and Chapters Bureau should be abolished and the Secretary given the right to issue charters.

As our association stands now, we don’t have enough members close enough together to form active chapters or clubs that will do any good. Mail associations could do some good, but our members don’t seem to be interested in backing them.

I think the Secretary should handle the issuing of charters and the second vice-president could help the clubs or chapters if they needed it.


We don’t think we deserve the space, but the following is copied verbatim from the June 10, 1948 issue of the Franklin, Minn. Tribune:


One of the significant events of the closing days of school was the presentation of awards. Larry Notman, who has been writing the sports events for the Tribune and serving as Editor-in-Chief of the Atomite, received the Journalism award. Larry started work last Tuesday morning on the Bird Island Union. He plans to attend the University of Minnesota and follow a career in journalism.

Other awards presented were: Valedictorians, Miss Shirley Sather and Miss Corrine Hanson; Citizenship, Earl Wise; Athletics, Harold Deming; Dramatics, Miss Martha Valentin; Declamation, Ray Erickson; Honor Student, Miss Lillian Anderson.

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The Editor Says:

My ajay activity the past year has not been anywhere near the volume I have wanted to turn out. Many things have contributed to that lack of activity.

For one thing, I was made Editor-in-Chief of our weekly school newspaper. The job entailed a lot of writing and work in addition to my school work.

For another, I worked after school and Saturdays in a radio store. That left only nights and Sundays for ajay activity and things were usually going on nights.

In the future I hope to have more time for ajay. I have a job now in the Bird Island Union printing plant, giving me a little more money and a place to get a journal printed.

I hope to put out this journal quite regularly. I’ll include my opinions, thoughts, news, and stories, and the work of other Minnesota ajays. Be seeing you?

The May issue of Edwin C. Harler’s Lighthouse, should prove to the NAPA’s mimeo haters that “mimeographing can be beautiful” to steal a phrase. I’ve seen worse printing.

At the same time Don Boysen and Dick Gray mailed out the May issue of the mimeo’s Michigander. There aren’t many papers that can match the beauty of this mimeo’d journal. And just to prove they aren’t biased, they neatly printed the envelope it was mailed in.

How I Got It: The Story of My Job

Things really happen fast when they happen. Take my job as an example.

About a month ago my father ordered some printing from the newspaper in Bird Island (a town 16 miles north of Franklin). The Editor remarked that he liked my job of sports writing (he read the writeups in his exchange copy of the Franklin Tribune). I wrote him a letter thanking him, told him about my ajay activities, and asked him if he knew where I could obtain a 5 x 8 hand press.

The next trip my dad made the editor remarked that it would be a nice deal if I could work in a newspaper plant for a year, then get a job at the university printing plant when I attend the University of Minnesota School of Journalism.

I said I thought it was a good deal. The next trip my dad completed things whereby I have a job. I graduated May 25th and started work June first.

Now I’ll have the experience in the “back shop” when I get through the U of M’s writing course.

Why and Wherefore: The Story of The C-APA

At various times during the past two and one half years the letters C-APA have popped up every once in a while. Very little has been said about it, what has been said was mostly to criticize the name or wonder at its necessity.

Back in 1941 I started the “Commercial Printing Club” as a club for boys that had Swift-set rubber type printing presses. I named it that because the name fit and because the manufacturer has rubber picture die or cut with the letter “Commercial Printing” on it. We added club at the bottom and we had an emblem.

The club went on and by 1945 I had decided I wanted to get into commercial journalism. I was already an amateur journalist but saw that ajay couldn’t give positive help entering commercial journalism.

Therefore, on January first, 1946, the Commercial Printing Club became the Commercial-Amateur Press Association. Its objective was to carry on ajay activity and at the same time help those members who wanted to enter commercial journalism.

We haven’t done much on the latter yet because we don’t have enough members but it won’t be long. So remember, the C-APA has the goal of helping amateurs enter commercial journalism.

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June Mimeo Honor Roll

The Lighthouse
The Michigander
New Estate
The Mailer

A Rare Opportunity

It was recently my privilege to watch the Franklin town baseball team complete a triple play. Triple plays are rare anywhere in baseball, but specially in amateur baseball. In all of the years that I have watched baseball games, this was the first triple play I have seen.

There were men on second and third bases, no one out. The batter hit a ground ball to the second baseman. The second baseman threw the ball to the first baseman to force out the batter. The runner on second had tried to lead off so the first baseman threw the ball to the shortstop who was covering the bag. The second out. The runner from third tried to go home on the play so the shortstop fired the ball to the catcher for the third out.

It was the only exciting event in the game, but it certainly gave me enough to write about for my report for the local newspaper.

* * * *

With his June New Estate Roy Lindberg again shows the mimeo haters something. How can print the size of that center fold?

Another fine Interlude comes from Edward H. Cole. Thanks Ed.

Another Red River Rambler. Excellent. Thanks Wm.!

The bundle is a service, let’s support it.

Ever try school newspapers for recruiting?

Put that press to work.

Any paper is better than none.

Another excellent Cameo too. Thanks.

Recruit – but wisely.

Let’s publish – not squabble.

If you can’t publish – write.

Use the Manuscript Bureau.

AAPA Members:

I herewith announce my candidacy for the office of Manuscript Bureau Manager.

Larry Notman

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Minnesota Report

is an amateur paper edited and published by Larry Notman, Franklin, Minnesota for the various press associations.

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