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Flat Rock Besieged by Amateurs
by Bob North

Flat Rock, Michigan had its population temporarily increased by six Saturday, April 20, 1946. The increase was effected by Bill Smith’s invitation to all Michigan amateur press association members, asking them to attend a meeting at his home and plan the reformation of a Michigan Amateur Press Association. Many wanted to come, but only a few could.

Those who came were Mr. and Mrs. Matheison (Detroit), Pat Pittman and Pam Marsh (Grosse Ile), and Bob North (Jackson). Don North, Bob’s brother, came along for the trip, and took in the town.

We discussed each other’s publications until lunchtime. Afterwards we started on this concoction. It was tough at first, but we finally got underway. Everybody wrote a little, and all helped set the type.

The North brothers arrived after a trip to Capac, Mich. On Friday. The others live relatively close by. Harold Boutin, of Detroit, had intended to come, until at the “last minute,” he got a foot infection.

Comic Column
by Pam Marsh

In order to bring a little humor into The Michigan Madhouse, we decided to stick in a few jokes taken from The North Star, a paper devoted to funny stories.

“Pop, I need an encyclopedia for school.”
“Oh yeah? You can walk to school like I did.”

A Westerner entered a saloon with his six-year-old son. He ordered two straight whiskeys. “Hey, Pa,” said sonny, “ain’t Ma drinking?”

Soldier: (finding wasp in soup) What’s this?
Cook: Vitamin Bee.

Guide: This tower goes back to William the Conqueror.
Tourist: Why? Isn’t it satisfactory?

Mrs. I. M. Nuts: (in swimming with water up to her neck) My goodness, Izzy, where is Junior?
Mr. I. M. Nuts: Don’t worry dear, I have him by the hand.

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Hi Kids! Meet the Camera
by Pat Pittman

Here are some explanations about Pam’s and Pat’s The Ile Camera.

Since we are hard-working printers, we have had some nerve-wracking experiences like the rest of you.

Last July, when we were still novices, we almost killed ourselves putting out one sheet 6×9. We taught ourselves how to set type, make-up and print. Writing at first was hard too. With the patience of Heine Hoch, one of the top six city-desk men on the Detroit News, we were nursed through those green months.

The paper has grown to two sheets and we have one foot in the grave. It’s not really that bad. We love the clank of the press and smudge of printers-ink.

That’s what we have in common; consequently we are all here to start a Michigan Amateur Press Association.

If future meetings are as wild as this one the organization will click – but fast.

The Grand Round-Up
by Pat Pittman

Attention! All Amateurs

The first grand meeting of the Michigan Amateur Press Association will be held in Detroit May 19th. It is open to all amateurs in Michigan.

The meeting place will be at the Abington Apartment Hotel, 700 Seward Avenue. For those not acquainted with Detroit, the apartment is near the Fisher Building. Mrs. Sesta Matheison, vice-president of N.A.P.A., has kindly offered her apartment for this meeting.

Temporary Officers Named by Amateurs

We named temporary officers of the Michigan Amateur Press Association as follows:

Bill Smith – President
Bob North – Vice-President
Pam Marsh – Treasurer
Pat Pittman – Secretary

If you have any questions or requests about the organization, write to the secretary: Pat Pittman, Grosse Ile, Mich.

At the first grand meeting of the amateurs we will elect permanent officers.

Why Madhouse?
by Bill Smith

We call this paper the Madhouse because all during the meeting everyone argued like mad about everything.

Since Salt Lake City can’t handle it, how about Detroit for the 1947 N.A.P.A. Convention?

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The Michigan Madhouse

Printed on Bill Smith’s press April 20, 1946 at the first meeting to organize a new Michigan Amateur Press Association. Bob North, Temporary Editor. Distributed through the A.A.P.A. and N.A.P.A. bundles.

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