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Fragmentary Fulfillment

The Wesson printshop is again the locale of a Metchap meeting – albeit a somewhat small pickmeup affair. Fred Liddle is here, plus Les and Elaine Boyer, and Sheldon Wesson. Helen and Pam will be here shortly. Wes and Suzie Wise are expected later – Merlin Teed may be by later, if he can get an hour before leaving on a business trip.

(The Wises just arrived and the Owl herewith notes that Les Boyer has changed politics since moving to Texas. The rumor is out that he is angling for the president’s job of Napa.)

One can tell by the smile on Elaine’s face that she’s enjoying her first trip without the kids. Les had to make a business trip to NYC, and at the last minute managed to persuade Elaine to go along. Whether he’ll be able to persuade her to fly back with him to Houston on Monday remains to be seen.

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Once in a Lifetime…

Wesson: Hey Liddle – want a beer?

Liddle: No, thanks.

This second page is printed at the Liddle Printery the next day, where the Boyers have stopped on the way to Kennedy Airport. Elliott Ruben has driven over to kibitz, although a cold is slowing him down a bit.

Something’s wrong when a hobby printer like Les Boyer has to fly 1800 miles to New York to find time to set a bit of type. – LWB

WHILE ATTENDING the First Annual Les Boyer Reunion yesterday at the Glen Ridge Printing Museum I handset the 6 pt. Dateline. None of that sissy 12 pt. stuff for me. I admit committing two typos in that one line but plead extenuating circumstances. Wesson doesn’t lay a case the way God and California* meant it to be layed. As a strict constructionist, I frown on revisionism. – FJL

* Max California (1813-1893), inventor of the California type case.

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