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I have resigned from my office of Mailer.

“But in the long run the AAPA has gained in Rouze’s resignation from the official board, for it serves notice to all that no officer can buck the Constitution and get away with it.” so says Crackpot, newcomer Ed Wall in his slanderous “Ajay Spectacle.”

Mr. Wall claims that I have violated the constitution in that I have mailed unaffiliated papers in the bundles. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHEN I HAVE EVER MAILED ANY UNAFFILIATED PAPERS! Yes, I did mail some anonymous papers which were sent to me. But they were published by a person who is a full-pledged member of the AAPA – one who is entitled to all rights provided in the constitution, of which one is the right to mail his or her paper thru the bundles. And so that would make it an affiliated paper. The constitution says nothing about excluding anonymous papers from the mailings. After all, what more does the amateur press stand for, than freedom of the press?

Perhaps the reason why certain ones are so much opposed to the anonymous papers is that they do not like having the truth about certain matters made public. If not, then why was nothing done about the anonymous papers sent thru the bundles a couple of years ago when the mailer didn’t even know if the publisher was a member or not, because he didn’t know who the publisher was?

I ask Mr. Wall to provide evidence that I have ever mailed any unaffiliated papers, have ever violated the AAPA constitution in any way, or SHUT UP!

Yes, I have resigned from the office of Mailer. I am leaving for college before my term is up and would not be able to continue as Mailer because of the great amount of time required. This does not mean I am dropping from activity; in fact, I may be able to do more now than I have in the last few months. I also hope that you will cooperate with Mr. Brandt as most of you did with me.


Gordon K. Rouze, Mailer

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