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A. A. P. A. Mailing Bureau Bulletin

This Bundle

This bundle is not large, since the previous one came out late in May. When mailing each month our bundles cannot run heavy. We have been averaging above ten papers to the bundle and three monthly packets of this size would make a quarterly bundle of thirty papers.

Next Bundle
In One Month – Late July

Prospects are favorable for the best and largest bundle of the year next month in July. May be some startling surprises. Get busy on that paper NOW so you won’t be late.

Non-members: use the blank herein and get our future bundles.

Editor’s Statement

For some reason this wee paper has been very pleasing to me. Maybe the fact that it is new made it appeal to me. It is one paper I can’t promise to enlarge. I mean to give most of my attention to The American Journal, but wanted a little paper to carry items about the mailing bureau with notices of next mailing date, etc. This little paper will be issued as long as I am Official Mailer.

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We Are Showed Up

T’other day, whilst hiking for the beanery to inhale the regular noon-day snack, the station agent held me up and handed me a lengthy parcel which looked as it it might be a box of American Beauty roses from one of my Seattle admirers. But better yet, it contained three journals from our Minot, N. D., hotshots. Since G. H. K. had blowed off about bigger papers Jim Francis allowed as how he’d help the good cause along, so he makes The Keyboard 4½x6 and Dakota Dust 6×9, making my effort look sick. With publishers like Jim and others it is not surprising that the AAPA is going places.

A. A. P. A. Papers

Dakota Dust: Does the almost impossible by combining a good story, essay, article and comment in a small paper. Good printing, too; make us eager to see what the publisher can do with a larger paper on book stock.

Speaking With Speaks: Fair poem by ? And essay by The Hermit (also ?). Queer title. Good printing by Jim F.

The Press Clarion: Best of new publications in the American. More material by amateur writers in place of the ‘selected’ items will improve it.

Mosaics: Dandy mimeo’d journal; its “Scoreboard” is best review section in the American.

The Rebel: Poem and appearance of first page encouraging, but rest of pages need more reading matter.

Enquiry Junior: Small but promising.

American Index: Nice paper, but we prefer Linton’s amateur notes and articles rather than health essays.

The Rip: Michael Phelan shows good ability as an editor and poet, though his poems will not appeal to all. The paper may not grow but the printer (me) promises better paper when the present supply runs out – if Mike continues to put up with me.

* * * *

Early in July the editor plans a trip to Chicago for a new press; and then watch things hum!

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The Mailbox

Issued occasionally by George Henry Key, Upland, Indiana, Official Mailer of the A.A.P.A.

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