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Not to be outdone by President Eisenhower…
President Weixelbaum Undergoes Surgery

Rusty Making Good Recovery From Mid-June Operation

“All my summer plans are pied,” mourned Rusty from her hospital bed the day after her operation, “but the doctors found a condition that required immediate surgery. Think we got it in good time and I’ll be all right.” Her writing was strong and firm and her sense of humor is intact, but it seems unlikely she will be with us in Minneapolis. She neglected to say what hospital she is in, but cards sent to her home, Springfield, Ohio, should reach her promptly.

Vice President Suffers Loss

Kermit Shuman’s father passed away suddenly Tuesday morning, June 5th, from a heart attack which occurred on Sunday. Our sympathies go out to the entire family; we never met Kerm’s father but to have a fine son like Kerm we know he had to be a grand person.

Statements From Two Candidates

“I certainly will not accept the presidency and hope you will push Russell Paxton. I am adamant about this and you can quote me.” – Vondy

(Why waste your vote? Anyone who urges a vote for a candidate who has not accepted nomination is being dishonest.)

Russell Paxton told your reporter that if elected he plans a monthly news publication (hmm, going to put LNews out of business!) and will print the Constitution.

* * * *

Raymond J. Jeffreys, whose book Life Will Begin at 100 was recently issued, writes that he has a new book on the press. No details yet. He passed through Roanoke late in May and called Shady Acre, but we were in Springfield at the time.

Everyone seems to be traveling somewhere; Alice Todaro sent a postal from Albuquerque where she was spending a few weeks with her family before the hot weather begins.

Florence Mann writes that she would like to attend the convention but she is leaving around July 7th, to visit the Mediterranean once more.

The Wessons, who just got back from a trip to Hong Kong and settled into a bigger house, are entertaining Wes’s mother. Now there’s a place to send a convention!

Joe Curran has completed his work in Roanoke and returned to his wife and daughters in Cleveland, and he writes us that an expected promotion came through so he’ll not be required to travel much more. He has received his type and has started setting for his new paper which he plans to make about 16 pages of 4½x6, however he warns us not to look for it before Christmas as he has lots to do first.

Willard Savary has made reservations to get to the convention but isn’t sure that he will not be required to be in Nova Scotia the first week of July because of a promise he made a year ago but did not expect would coincide with the convention.

The Clyde Noels are also going to have to miss the convention as we understand his brother Lionel and wife and son will visit from New York and be there most of July. The Noels might come east in October, however.

Bill Haywood has made an excellent recovery from his operation, and says that by next year he and Tillie can start attending conventions again. Then we will get to see the newest aj: young Paul who has already started publishing. Bill says Paul only prints about 25 at a time, then he is tired and so the press is cleaned until another time; wisely, his parents do not push him lest he lose interest. The worst thing that could happen to a dedicated a.j. would be to have the children uninterested!

If you have wondered what happened to ex-member Earl Cornwall, whose erudite wit enlivened the assn. several years ago, we have heard that his wife died last October and that he is now making his home with his sister.

Ex-member Charlie Austin, writing to acknowledge a packet of papers, speaks so wistfully of the old days that maybe if you sent him occasional issues we might get him back, and publishing. Just address at Washington, Maine.

Michael White writes that he is moving to new quarters with a small semi-private beach; we don’t have his new address yet.

Most enthusiastic new printer is Elizabeth Butt, who bought press and equipment from Kelsey’s and is beginning the publication of The Tidbit from The Kitchen Press.

Garth Bentley’s newest book “Behold the City” has just been published by the Wings Press (P. P. Box 332, Mill Valley, Calif. – price $2.50); as indicated by the title, the poems are concerned with city scenes. His previous book Pinfeathers from Pegasus, is a collection of light verse.

Lucille Talley has just started publication of a booklet called Happiness Unlimited, filled with verse and articles designed to bring sunshine to shut-ins. It is to be supported by gifts from anyone who wishes to contribute, and will be sent free to shut-ins anywhere.

New Member Frances Lawton writes that she is confined to a wheel chair, being severely handicapped, but keeps house for her two children, a son of sixteen and a daughter of eleven. She says she has lived in Virginia and agrees it is a beautiful state but is a one-person chamber of commerce for her own Mississippi.

New Member Rockwell B. Schaefer is a talented writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Boston Post and some twenty magazines.

Lawrence Martell, new Minneapolis member, writes that his town is celebrating its Centennial this year. He is a veteran and says he spent 20 months in a VA hospital, but hopes to publish before long.

We hear that old-timer Albert McLaughlin recently passed away in California.

Let’s Get Serious

Literary Newsette is our “Hello” to new friends, our salute to all. The Reception Committee has many things planned for our entertainment but we hope you have come equipped to discuss the many items that we must decide upon. The Mailing Bureau subsidy is one; we can’t afford it; but the Constitution provides for it; shall we (1) raise dues? (2) amend the Constitution?

Honorary Memberships are under discussion; are we carrying Mr. Walter Pertuch illegally? He was made an Honorary Member in Sept. 1942; in July of ‘43 our present constitution was adopted limiting Honorary membership to five years; his status was not re-affirmed in 1947. I did not bring up the matter as I do not consider laws to be retroactive and therefore Mr. Pertuch is a lifetime Honorary Member.

The Constitution needs working over in line with the amendments suggested (and blindly rejected) last year. Number 1 was admittedly unworkable; a simple raising of dues is preferable. No. 2 merely listed a duty of the Recorder in Article VI which at present is only in Article X, thus correcting an oversight. No. 4 was to make the monthly bundle the rule; and 5 would have constitutionally allowed $100 for the Official Organ each issue and saved the Executive Judges time and postage. No. 6 requested more signatures with proposing amendments.

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This All-NEWS issue of LITNEWS is published for distribution at the Convention, and will be sent you unlucky stay-at-homes in the July mailing. If Paxton is elected, all news items sent me will be furnished him for the news sheet and LN will use up its backlog of contributed matter. Please don’t send contributions for LN or Shady Acre Sampler until I send out a call for material as copy is on hand or promised for at least two years, and I do not like to hold your copy that long. Deftly humorous stories, sketches and poetry is still in demand by Martin for MARTINI, however.

LN is published for the National Amateur Press Association by
Willametta Keffer
Shady Acre, Roanoke, Va.

– Just as the above item was being typed, the mail arrived, bringing an ATF Specimen Book and Catalogue of 1923 from Burt Foote. We suspect that mimeographing will really be the step-child from now on.

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