Limited Edition
Number 16, October 1973
Page 1

Jungle Tiger

If I should ever move to the jungle, Oh
The first thing I’d do is build a bungalow.
Next, I’d find a tiger to give me protection
In exchange for which I’d give my affection.
A tiger is lovely like the namesake lily.
And graceful like the swallowtail but not as frilly.

I’d say “Dear tiger, so bold and pretty,
Won’t you please come and be my kitty?
I promise to play with you and be most kind”
(Such an offer, I expect, would be hard to find).
He’d consider it well and finally say
“I’d be quite pleased to begin today.”
Then we’d return to my little bungalow
Probably the happiest pair in the jungle, Oh.

Page 2 and 3

Can anyone identify the above type for me? The pin mark is BTF. The linoleum cut and poem are by Barbara Cade. This issue handset in 14 pt. Powell by Phil Cade at the

Juniper Press
Winchester, Mass. 01890

Page 4

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