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Westchester Indians

THE PICTURE above does not depict Indians who once inhabited Westchester County, New York, home of the Sleepy Hollow Press. But Indians did once thrive in this area, a fact of which many persons may not be aware, or which they may have forgotten due to the completely changed character of the area. “Souvenirs” of the Indians do remain, however, both in place names and in artifacts which are found in the region.

Just My Type

My sincere thanks for the many nice comments about Legend No. 1. Wish I could have answered them all.

I continue to enjoy the contributions in the monthly bundles, even if I do not acknowledge them as I would like to do. Appreciate, too, the privately mailed papers that I have received.

Many months ago, I sent 10 cents to an address given in a NAPA paper for a copy of APEX. I have heard nothing. Is APEX still going?


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The Peculiar Pack Rat
by Remelda Nielsen Gibson

This curious brown-gray rodent
Has a habit which annoys
Those who camp in open spaces,
Far removed from city noise:
He will take bright colored objects
Such as metal, coins and keys
And trade them for a stone, a chip
Or worthless things like these.
When campers hear about him
They are often quite amused…
But when they cannot locate things
They admit they are confused.

A Word From The Devil
by Maybelle Callender

My spouse advanced me to the Devil, what glee!
Then I discovered it’s low as can be.
The shock is past for now I know,
That only up’s where I can go.

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Published by Wesley P. Callender, Jr. at the Sleepy Hollow Press
Tuckahoe, N.Y.

Handset and handprinted as the spirit moves and time permits. Distributed to members of NAPA and to friends of the publisher. Press run of this issue is 425 copies.

Number 2, Spring-Fall 1960

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