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A Happy Ninteen Seventy

On New Year’s day I worked – just a little – on three different NAPA papers, this one, Junco no. 1, and APC News No. 119. But mostly I loafed, watched the Tournament of Roses Parade on TV and several Bowl games. Now that the football season is almost over I may get in a little hobby printing before the baseball season begins.


“Want to take some work home to print?” my boss asked today and with this Kitten half printed (pages 2 and 3) I said “no!” Usually he says “Take” instead of “Want to take?”

The next day snow was predicted so he said “Take these 3,000 envelopes home so you’ll have something to do just in case the snow is so deep you can’t get to work.” Real nice of him, eh? It snowed, but only a couple of inches. Then a lot more homework piled up and it was ten days before I got back to this paper.

Frohliche Weihnachten und ein Glubklich Neues Jahr von Wiesbaden, Deutschland

1969 was a busy year for our family. In July the children and I joined Dick in Wiesbaden. It was a hectic summer both before and after our household goods arrived. We adjusted well to our new surroundings. The summer ended for Dick and me with a “second honeymoon” trip to Munich in beautiful Bavaria. In September David hesitantly began kindergarten, which he now enjoys. I returned to undergraduate study (at night) with the University of Maryland. And Dick began to work toward his Masters in Business Administration with the University of Utah (also at night). Dawn and Douglas, although not yet in school, are busy too. Dawn, now two years old, rides a tricycle expertly and has an extensive vocabulary. Douglas, now three and one-half years old, enjoys working with his hands at puzzles, games, and artwork and is developing his father’s love for books.

In between courses we have done some traveling. In November we took an enjoyable guided tour to Vienna where we viewed many places of artistic and historical importance. We also stopped briefly in Salzburg, which is beautiful even out-of-season. We were able to see Mozart’s birthplace where there is now a small museum. We hope to return to Salzburg next summer during the music festival. A trip to Paris is planned. We hope to see as much of Europe as we can during school vacations.

Living in Germany is quite a challenge. We do enjoy our lovely third floor apartment in the government housing area. We are near schools, the commissary, and the base exchange shopping center. And we have gradually adjusted to the German telephone system, the Wiesbaden traffic and the Deutsch mark.

– Susan Eichner

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The previous article is the bulk of a Christmas news letter written by my daughter Susan. I printed it for her and it seemed like interesting copy to repeat here since some of my readers know of my daughters and grandchildren. Dick, Susan’s husband, is a Captain in the Air Force and is on a 4-year tour of duty in Germany. Also that meant I had 35 lines of type all set. As we get older we get lazier. My print shop is run on the premise: never distribute any type you might use. I just recently found 24 lines of 8-point that had been standing for 5 years, and printed them again. They are still standing, maybe to use again in 1976.

New Year Resolutions

The Segals’ Honored Custom of having an APC meeting to usher in the New Year is an excellent one. We have not been able to attend every time, but this year we made it. And you have to say that the biggest surprise this year was finding Ruth and Bill Boys from Columbus, Ohio, there. A most pleasant surprise!

Some of you might read Verle Heljeson’s name on the list of those present and think that he had traveled further than the Boys, but Verle has been transferred from Atlanta to Washington, D. C., so –

And where, you ask, do the “Resolutions” referred to at top of this page come into this picture? Well, I have been contemplating printing another Alf’s Cat. In fact, you could almost say that I have started work on it as I have set the first line of it. That leaves only 719 more lines to set, so don’t look for it next month. When? It depends on how much home work turns up in the next few months.

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This and 91 previous Kittens printed for the amusement of Alf Babcock in Cranford, N. J.

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