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Home From Colombus

The usual thing is to go home from a convention and immediately print up a paper saying the convention was


But that might make the Convention Committee feel too swelled-headed, and that would never do. So I will point out a few perhaps minor but appalling


The Dinner Menus at the Southern Hotel Restaurant could have been more varied. I went in the first evening and sat down and ordered one of my favorites – calves liver. The second evening I looked the menu over carefully and ordered – calves liver. The third night I could not see anything on the menu that I had not seen there the two previous nights, so I ate calves liver. The fourth night I went to a restaurant a block from the hotel and had – a mushroom omelet.

Oh, do not think I am complaining as I like calves liver.

A lot of people attended. I did not stay till the end. About 80 had appeared when I left. Of the 80, 11 were ex-prexys, 9 life members, and 35 plain NAPA members.

I might list some of the lady members first. Of course there was Louise and Liz and Williametta and Elaine and Hazel and Mari and Rowena and Fillie and Jeanne. There were more. Just who was the

Most Important

man at the Columbus Convention would be very hard to decide. Certainly

Bill Boys

would rate near the top of the list. Then

Bill Murtland

brought the type & handpress on which the COLUMBUS DISCOVERER was printed. I helped on two issues before I left. I better not try to list all who helped as I would probably overlook a few. Harold Segal and Bill Murtland very likely did the most work on issues 1 and 2.

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Sheldon Wesson


Vic Moitoret

combined to provide considerable interest and excitement with their differences of opinion on most matters. But finally they got backed into the same corner by The Mailer’s Report to the Convention. She roasted both of them for pages and pages. Then Wesson moved that only the financial part of the Mailer’s Report be accepted and the Convention agreed


But the Mailer, Virginia Baker, was elected Official Editor, so it will be rather intriguing to see if a deleted report stays deleted or comes back to life.

There were about a dozen members whom I met for the first time. I shall list them alphabetically: Eric Boys, George Compton, Blain Lewis, June Margeson, Ramon Meyer, Helen and Ken Monson, David Norton, Lewis Pryor, Ron Ruble, Floyd Summers, Mike Vickey, Job Watts.

The elections of Ed Newman as President and Virginia Baker as Official Editor were just as expected. Both have served the NAPA well and deserved promotion.

And now I guess it is time to thank the twenty listed members of the Convention Arrangements Committee for their efforts tho I did not meet six of them. I suspect Jean Gillick and Jim Clelland might also have been listed as on the committee.

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This and 89 previous Kittens printed for the amusement of Alf Babcock in Cranford, N. J.

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