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I am 59 and lived in Pittsburgh, Pa., mostly. I have been employed by the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie R. R., since July 24, 1942. I have a number of hobbies; stamps which I have not followed for the past 15 years. I still have the collection about 11,000. General. My principal hobby continues to be railroad and steam locomotive history. I am an occasional street car Motorman in the summer season at Arden Trolley Museum north of Washington, Pa., off U.S. 19, 20 miles south of Pittsburgh.

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How about the truckers strike and now the gas stations are about to work off the same racket. The truckers say they are going out again in 6 weeks. I have heard much anger against special interest groups such as these. The public has about had it! There is some suspicion that the oil interests are the real villains. Steam locomotive and ships would break this stranglehold on all our transportation. Oil from shale and coal are mentioned – by 1980! But, coal fired engines in 6 months! Well?

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