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Christmas Eve
by Donald E. Harding

A little silver star
Upon a tree,
And painted beads
And colored bells so bright;
A cherub’s face
Now looking down at me;
No arms, no feet…
What does it see from height?
A house asleep,
There’s only me tonight
In the crystal snow
By the lethal toys;
Turn off the angel
And the glittering light
On space-ships,
Guns awaiting eager boys.
The children toss in sleep,
Dreaming of joys…
Hearing tomorrow’s rattling
And bang…
And I, dreading confusion
And the noise
Louder than all the angels
Heard and sang.

Moving through the darkness,
Memorized from feeling,
One half surprised wish stayed
And found me kneeling.

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Christmas, ‘79
by LaVerne Stallings

Spangles and bangles;
Tinsel that dangles;
A wreath hanging on our front door…
Could it really be
In an ornate flocked tree
We realize what Christmas is for?

Hustle and bustle;
Bright wrapping’s rustle;
Crowds filling each shop and store…
Hurry and scurry;
Sudden snow flurry;
Warm season’s greetings galore.

Shouts all about;
Chimes ringing out;
Carols through the night stillness swelling…
Joyous tidings, sublime,
And each message in rhyme
The true meaning of Christmas is telling.

In a stable ‘tis said
He lay His sweet head…
Born in redemption of earth.
So, with hearts filled with praise,
In the rush and the craze,
We celebrate Jesus’ birth.

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With Love and Warm Wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Published in the interest of amateur journalism for friends and members of the U.A.P. by Melvin and LaVerne Stallings, Concord, California 94519. Printed by offset.

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