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Are You Ashamed of What You Say, Mr. Bodkin?

I do not take a position on the context of The Bodkin nor of its author to speak out in whatever direction he may, to better prove mental acumen. It is my belief, however, that our by-laws of procedure should contain or be amended to prevent a publisher from hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

Whatever comments be Mr. Bodkin’s pleasure, then let’s have him or her openly identified and not hide behind a non-entity as was done in the last two bundles. Are we ashamed to disclose who we are and how we choose to express ourselves? I recommend we prohibit publication of such matter. The obvious inference is we’re ashamed to admit we authored same! Let’s have an open, frank discussion without rancor and overt references.

It is suggested the mailer be instructed to file unidentified matter in the trash can. Let a heckler be counted or silent.

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Tips and Quips

Since furniture, reglet and lead, plus other materials we use in letterpress work is soft, you will find a quality steel file indispensable. Frequently a burr or unevenness will give poor lockup or impression. It can be caused from a slightly too long piece, easily faired off with your file.

Beware when the best laid plans of mice and men agree!


At long last, I’ve proudly reached my first AAPA anniversary. In celebration of same, herewith is my first colored paper effort which it is hoped is only the start of many more. The canary paper, a 16 pound bond, was cut in four from 8½ x 11 convenient size stock.

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Hobby Printery and The Chatterbox are done for fun by Harold E. Clark of Yonkers, N.Y. 10710

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