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Special Notice
by Patricia Saunders

The Convention (UAP) will be held at the Kay’s Inn, 95th Street I 35, Shawnee Mission, Kansas, 66215. The telephone number there is 913-492-7200. You can call and make your reservations. The Convention will be July 11-12-13. That is a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (The superstitious are invited too!) Price of a room with a double bed is about 24 dollars.

Terrell and Eleanor Crum will be our hosts… and I want to thank them right now!

I hope this will be the largest turn-out we have had for a convention yet! Hope to see you there!

On the Farm in the Country
by Gerald Bradish

A summer’s day on the farm in the Country. Bright with a gentle wind blowing, blue skies, blue water, some white puffy clouds floating by, casting their shadow. Green fields of grain now standing high, some turning a golden colour. Green grass thick on the lawn, and in the pasture land which the livestock graze on. The air fresh and clean. In the yard on the lawn, the scent of pretty flowers along with that of the Russian Olive trees, gives delight. Evergreens and cotton woods are so beautiful this time of year.

Vegetable gardens are ripening, everything there is ready for that talked of boiled-dinner. The birdies are flitting and singing here and there. Robins on the lawn looking so gay as they hop along. Listen to the roosters crow, hens cackle, and on the pasture land gophers whistle. Ducks flying over quacking, some crows are cawing, listen to red foxes barking.

As evening comes around, with long shadows, and the beautiful setting sun over the Great Western Hills, Life is at its best; No other place where I’d like to be.

Beauty is found here, peace and contentment lies everywhere – On the farm in the Country.

* * * *

(I didn’t get this published last summer… and was going to put it in Calico Patches this summer… but it is cold out today… and the snow still covers the ground… and my spirit. The warmth of this little article warmed my heart… and I thought I would share it with you, now. – Pat)

It is the time in my life when… I need to to see a flower. – P.S.

I Believe
by Evelyn Entwistle

I believe in the sun even when it is not shining,
I believe in love – even when I feel it not
I believe in God, even when He is silent.
So hope to trust Him whatever may be my lot.

* * * *

A fight is not a fight
A fight is to defend your honor
You may fight and
Get hurt
And lose
But you still have
Your honor.

by Chuck Jungbluth
(Chuck wrote this when he was 16. He still feels the same way. He lives with his mother and three sisters… and is “street-wise.” I wonder just what this poem says about trust and the values that many of us hold most important. – Pat)

by Virginia West
Holt, Michigan

Today I retired
After thirty long years
What joy I realized
As the time nears.

For years I planned
When my work was thru,
To find a soft chair
With nothing to do.

No more to hurry
A chance to spend dough
Til days started dragging
With no place to go.

A bit of advice
Retirement is woe.
You’re bored to death
When age lets you go.

One Way to be Happy
by Virginia West

There’s only one way to be happy
And that dear friend is share,
The time for happiness is now
By showing someone you care.

Don’t put off til tomorrow
You might not see the morning sun,
The saddest words of tongue or pen
Is regretting good, you might have done.

by Virginia West

Friends are like pearls
Shall I tell you why?
To find a real one –
You must a hundred try.

* * * *

Moon climbing
Mountain peaks
Rests in my tea cup.

– Max S. Barker

Ticking Clocks
by Max S. Barker

All day long:
Wasted time needs

by Max S. Barker

Sunshine, down
From above,
Within the mist,
Forms a rainbow crown.

I still don’t have my typewriter fixed… thus the split letters. The mistakes are MY fault… not the typewriter’s. – Pat

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