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My Personal Philosophy of Life

I believe in God’s Holy Word. The Bible is true just as it is written. I believe we should all love God’s children and all of us here on earth be soul winners for His Kingdom.

I believe God has enough for each and everyone of His own and will always provide for us. He does ask us to ask, seek and knock.

I believe in helping my fellowman and to encourage others to see God’s beauty in this world – To live and let live – To work hard – to believe in God’s goodness. To be patriotic and love our country.

I believe we should help those in need by helping them to help themselves. I do not believe welfare handed out to people who can work or are able to is right.

I believe America should look after “all” their own first and then help the other countries.

I do not believe in income tax or high taxes for poor people as we have now. But what can I do or say to stop it? I can pray God’s will be done.

That we
Can conceive
Our Lord Jesus

Things I Loved About Japan

I love the sounds of the chants of the many salesmen – from orange salesmen to oil men. They all make music with their words and chantings – Such lovely wares too!

I love the green tea, so refreshing, so exhilarating. I love the rice cakes, the pretty Japanese ladies make. I love the closing of the heavy doors, “the amodo,” shutting out the world for the night, and in the morning it was delightful to be bowed to gracefully at open doors for another day. Every little Japanese house has their walled yard and fenced garden and a few vegetables, too. In an ordinary lot size “America” they build five and six tiny compact very efficient homes. Everyone gets along famously.

I loved to be called “Okusama” (Honorable One) and Mamasen is another word used for all women.

I loved the discipline of the children in Japan – all done in love and no screaming and such well-mannered and behaved children!

I love the long “Joy coats” that are put on for “Tea” or gaiety or at night time for a joyful rest. Truly, Japan has many things for we Americans to observe and love. I love the fast trains 100 to 150 miles per hour from Tokyo to Yokasuto and other places.

I truly love to gaze at Mount Fujiyama – It is glorious to behold! Early morning you can see her peeping her wondrous face from the clouds and you know you are really and truly in Japan! The Gulf of Tokyo is entrancing with its blue-green – grey and dark beach water and its surrounding mountains. Tiny refreshing restaurants and eating houses are fun to stop and refresh yourself at all along Tokyo Bay.

I will try to describe Tokyo that glorious city to you one glad day. It’s a realistic, modern business with a fairyland surrounding of Buddha temples and lovely homes and picturesque flower gardens, none to compare. Oh, I love Japan.

I love the calm belief most of the Japanese have of death. As they put it so clearly, “We Japanese are always closely associated with our dead. That closeness is an inspiration to us. In a way, we do not accept death at all, it is so tied up with this great thing we call life.” So say the Japanese.

Self Portrait

I’m a Scotch-Irish lass
With eyes of blue.
I’m in love with my husband
And poetry, too.
I’m not very tall
But that ain’t all –
I’m stubborn in what
I believe to be TRUE.
To me, God’s Holy Word
It guides us through
This life and takes us to HEAVEN.
I’m a Mom and Grandma, too.
Now, don’t ask my age
For I’m not telling you!

The Eternal Now

Now, here
A fragrance
Of Beauty and Joy

The people are celebrating
Thanksgiving pumpkin pie
A family event.

Planted in Texas

Pardner, we’ve got our feet
Planted in Texas here
Come what may –
What have we to fear
Texas is great, Texas is lovely
The people kind, humble, and friendly
We may not ask you for a dime
But we give a hand-out to all man-kind
We stand on our own two feet
With us there’s no “sich” word as defeat!
So pardner, rest assured –
Come what may –
We’re in Texas and

I Believe

Some folks say
There’s no elves
That’s superstition!
But little folks living
Around us is a benediction –
I can see them in the Butterfly
And in the twinkle of your eye;
I can feel them when alone –
They seem to occupy my home –
It’s a good feeling to know
Kindness and love
“The Elves doth bestow.”

Thou We Art
To Ruth J. Redditt

Thy Swords are we –
And Shields, to guard
Thy Glory, O Jesus –

Thy Lamps are we –
To Beacon souls far and near;

Thy pens are we –
To write the deathless
Splendor Story
Our Lives to Honor Thee
Most Gracious Lord –

Psalm 106

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Brownwood, Texas 76801.
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