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IT WAS ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL FALL DAYS that is so typical of central New York State, (rainy, you know) when it was duly decided that a certain apprentice seaman studying engineering at Cornell should visit a certain private and his charming wife at Syracuse. This being decided, this simple sailor hitch-hiked the fifty miles in the space of one hour to visit the punch-drunk private.

It was easy to see upon arrival that the Wesson home was truly one of amateur journalism. The main topics of conversation were always of the debatable sort such as how many pages of the SS should be feminine and how many masculine. Copy was produced, rehashed, discarded and more written.

The battle between the AAPA and NAPA was refought with Wesson wielding a powerful club for the National. Helen, not to be outdone, brought a mammoth kettle crashing down on the head of poor Sheldon, emitting a short, quick oath of allegiance to the American. This went on until later when it was calmly but definitely (with the aid of a bludgeon) demonstrated how much better the Navy is than the Army.

But then, I can’t say Wesson has done so badly for himself to get a wife who kisses like that! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

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At Random is run off on 4 x 6 hand press at West Hempstead, New York, during a much too short leave by Robert L. Smith, Jr., AS, USNR, Dormitory 18, Navy College Training Program, Cornell, Ithaca, N.Y.

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