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Who said APC News is for the birds?

What Have You Done For NAPA Lately?

My remarks in a recent NAPA West about slates of candidates were intended to irritate other local groups into proposing slates of their own. For that matter any publisher could propose a slate. The APC may claim divine rights but not exclusive rights. We are undoubtedly overlooking people who are willing and able to serve as officers. We need better methods to find such people. JLW

The Doctors Got the Lead Out

Alf Babcock’s hospital overhaul in November, from which he has nicely recovered, thank you, cost the equivalent of 80 full fonts of ATF 10 point.

Sprechen Zie Normandia?

A couple of fonts of foreign type, Normandia Contor- (sorry about that hyphen, Harold) nata, found a new home after traveling from Europe to Front Royal & then to Tuxedo Park & then brief stops in Cranford & Bristol and finally to Greenbelt.

APC News - Number 133 - Page 2 and 3
Page 2 and 3

Truth Out: WCTU Endorses APC Slate

For the last ten consecutive years, we have attended Harold’s APC pajama parties on New Year’s Eve as simple-minded, non-active NAPA hangers-on. We have never taken any part in the formulation of the APC Slate (sometimes referred to as the “December Massacres”). However, the slate has achieved unfavorable notoriety of late, so we rise from our usual besotted positions to defend this slate with the same steadfast devotion we maintain when we defend Ode to an Expiring Frog. The annual APC slate is not drawn up by drunkards, psychotics, or the most treacherous of your foes. It is drawn up by valiant and loyal NAPAers whose lips have not yet touched a dram, who are clearly clear-headed, and who are your most true-blue friends at the moment. We have spoken. L & PW

It looks as if APC reliable George Trainer has succumbed (see what we mean, George) to advanced printing technology. It is obvious from the latest issue of The Empire that he is now using computer set type for his paper. How to tell? Easy – look at those word divisions.

New Year’s Eve Celebrants

Al and Alma Fick, Parker and Lillian Worley, Jake and David Warner, Bob and Louise Williams, Alf and Helen Babcock, Edwin, Jeanne and Holly Harler, Harold, David, and Wendy Segal. Phone calls from Fred Liddle, Vic and Ro Moitoret, Roy Lindberg, Bill Boys, and George Trainer.

President: Keith Gray
Official Editor: Harold Segal
Vice President: Ernest Witte*
Recorder: Adelbert Jakeman*
Executive Judges: David Warner, Stan Oliner, Marian Poe*

*These people not yet consulted.

So we sweep the Bicentennial under the rug. Harold has already made plans for the 2076 NAPA convention at the Penn Center Inn by reserving 300 rooms equipped with respirators and kidney machines for us. Now as we await Guy Lombardo to accompany 1976’s final throes, we send greetings to all the APC members who are not with us. LW

Here’s a wish for good health for our friends old and new – and an abundance of love to see the year thru –

For our friends, our country and those we hold dear, may ‘77 be a memorable year. JSH

(The above ‘perm’ was set as prose in order to keep it from looking like a ‘perm’ and keep the prose-look for the entire page.) ECH

What’d he say?

Why Harold said, “Now that the press has been oiled, it’s the printer’s turn.” So he went and got a drink!

Let’s Hear it for Gutenberg!

We have Gutenberg to thank for our being here tonight.
For without him, who can say we’d ever met?
So let’s hear it for old Johann, whose great art is our delight
Since with everybody else, we’re forever in his debt.

Bob Williams

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And now, one for Harold!

Again we’ve seen the New Year in
At Harold’s domicile
With printing friends from near and far
In proper NAPA style.
The old year’s final hours were filled
With food and talk by most;
A few took time to set some type
Beside our genial host.
A midnight toast for Auld Lang Syne
And to the year ahead
Was drunk, more fun and talk, and then
Eventually, to bed.

Louise Williams

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