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APC’s Loss is SAPS’ Gain

We are met to bid farewell to Helen and Sheldon Wesson, departing the Garden State for the Sunshine State. When they take up residence in Sarasota, Florida, they will set up Sandalwood Studio instead of the Griddle Press, and will be eligible for membership in the Suncoast Amateur Press Society. All is not lost, however, as pretty Pam prepares for Princeton.

The September of Our Years

Haywood House today is the veritable crossroad of the Ajay World. From all parts of the map came printers and pseudo-printers. Whereas you could at one time convene 50 for an APC meet in the New York area, today there are few active types within whistling distance, so we have to holler a bit louder. Responding were: Marge and Jamie Clelland, Hudson, Ohio; Helen and Alf Babcock, Cranford, N. J.; Helen, Pam and Sheldon Wesson, Glen Ridge, N. J. – Sarasota, Florida; Hazel, David and Harold Segal, Bristol, Pa.; Ralph Babcock, Tuxedo Park, N. Y.; Ruth and Bill Boys, Columbus, Ohio.

Of course, Tillie, Bill and Paul Haywood, decoratively accessorized by Paula Sell, a redhead, were here first. Total: 17 people, 2 dogs.

Getting Out of a Rut, Bill?

“Yes, there are APC meets elsewhere than Bristol, and elsewhen than New Year’s Eve.” This hitherto unconfirmed rumor is hereby existentially substantiated by two who’ve only [only?] been to the last 4 Segal-sturms. – Bill & Ruth Boys, Columbus

She and Her Press

Pamela Wesson, our man at Princeton, may not be the only frosh with her own printshop, but it will certainly be the only orange painted printshop. She is taking to school David’s 5×8 Pearl and a stand of 13 half-size cases.

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Engagements & Social Notes

David Wesson, erstwhile printer of Nyubai News, happily announced over the phone that petite, patrician Kay Von Rhyn had accepted his engagement ring. Kay, a fellow grad of Syracuse U. – Fine Arts, including lithography – is now holding the same job on Syracuse’s Tageblatt that started Haywood on his career at the News. Kay and David plan to live abroad eventually.

We wonder if the Florida SPCA will get after the Wessons for not giving their dog a haircut so she can see. – Alf

Classified Ads

For the benefit of the NAPA Executive Judges, it is hereby warranted that the following is published without intent of profit.

Helen Babcock came away from Ed Newman’s with the wrong Instamatic camera. Wanna swap?

Moments of Living History

So far you have had five eminent pressmen, each feeding 100 copies. They were Harold, Alf, Bill, Ralph, and Shep.

Another Tradition is Born

APC seems to be establishing a pattern: New Year’s Bashes at Halfway House in Bristol, Post-Convention Parties at Fair Lawn. The Haywoods hosted last year’s travelers after Marietta, and are repeating with Natural Bridge’s wanderers. Someone has to vary the routine, so the Clellands are offering to brace themselves and Hudson for a Bash. ‘Course, we’re not members yet, but we had so much fun with 77 that the WHOLE APC is WELCOME!

For Guinness’ Book of Records

Alf exhibited copies of The Kitten printed entirely in 24-point Stymie Bold, purchased at the auction at Natural Bridge.

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Produced by itinerant type-slingers and press-bangers at Till and Bill’s Wayward Printers Asylum on the Green, Located in Fair Lawn, N. J.

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