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Here it is, the APC Ticket: Re-elect Them All!

It has been mentioned that all the NAPA officers are doing an excellent job. Things are working excellently under the leadership of Bill Boys. Complaints are few from Cap Ferrat. The NA is coming out on time. Beautiful! Let’s reward all these loyal hard-working officers. Let’s re-elect them! It’ll serve them right! –HS

Sending the Centennial Project

Conservative Centennial Coordinator Heljeson, in red-striped white Christmas shirt, says he is receiving interesting lists of special projects from ex-prexies. Problem will be to winnow it to those practical for development and financing. Suggestions on organizational aspects are meager, but seem to favor a continuing committee – if Constitutionally possible Cap Ferratwise. –LVH

Hail to the Chief: He Speaketh

NAPA bundles cannot include advertising because NAPA is passing itself off as an educational association, to qualify for non-profit postage rates. What if we admitted we were a hobby group? We’d have to pay about double for bulk-rate 3rd-class postage, but we could then allow members to run ads in their journals. And such ads do not jeopardize the non-taxability of NAPA’s income, according to the ruling IRS gave us this fall. This all has no bearing on The National Amateur, which goes by 2nd-class mail. But it gives NAPA something to ponder on its real objectives for the Mailing Bureau. –WEB

No Tomfoolery

We are deprived of watching Tom Three Thumbs Whitbread setting tonight – his third thumb sets the middle of the line while the other two hold beer cans – as he is busy on his new book “I Was Feeling Slightly Whitmanesque.” Virile Verle is here though recounting his latest tale of seduction of Ms. Groats in a Marietta motel room with ten of his friends hidden in the closet.

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The Event of ‘72

Big news at this APC meeting is Wesson’s resolution to publish Siamese Standpipe No. 52… even if it is only one copy for fellow APCer Moitoret. –ECH

One-Line Filler

And Mrs. Wesson drinks a liddle.

Literary Newsette Dept.

A full case of waiting type here and no copy to set! I told her to stay away from that donut shop; but she fell flat outside the store, bruising her leg. So now Nancy is in Tuxedo Hospital with flebitis (blood clots) in the leg and I’m drowning my sorrow here among old friends. –RB

Col. Waxwing? How’d He Get in Here?

Lu and I invaded Yankee Toeyterry to bring greetings fum Dixie – ‘specially the Colonel – who sends a ‘blanket’ proclamation naturalizing every one attending the APC meeting. OK. They’re Rebels, now. –JEN

Those Wot Came

Newly rebel-ized, the following attended & partook of the Segals’ hospitality: L. Verle Heljeson; Ruth & Bill Boys; Ralph Babcock; Pam, Helen & Sheldon Wesson; Ginny, Betty & Fred Liddle; Holly, Jeanne & Ed Harler; Roy Lindberg; Veli Kettunen; Lu & J. Ed Newman; Lillian & Parker Worley. Somehow four Segals, Wendy, David, Hazel & Harold managed to make it, too!

Last-minute illness and assorted ailments regrettably cancelled the reservations of Linda and Rich Hopkins, Leah and Jake Warner, Betty and Dick Branch, Helen and Alf Babcock.

That’s a Lot of Soda, Pop!

Someone wanted to know. This is the tenth New Year’s Eve meeting since ‘61-‘62. Missed ‘63-‘64 somehow.

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For Auld Lang Syne

The Hound and Houndess (Look, friend, we all know what the feminine gender is, but it isn’t befitting to Hazel) of the Baskerville have called us once again to the Napa Valley of the east coast to celebrate the passing of another intemperate year.

Harold has spoken: “Get the lead out of your pantyhose (or pants) and write some witty, scintillating copy!” This is like flogging a dead muse or a dead mouse, as naught will come of it until we are all sodden with Bristol waters and saddened by the hiccups of Guy Lombardo playing his thing, “Should auld intemperance be forgot.” –LW

A jolly group of squares – sometimes known as “the inner circle” – have raised the APC banner in Bristol, Pa. once again. Printers, kibitzers, and writers – in the order of their importance – are hard at work on the latest issue of APC News. Ajay politicians here will hammer out a NAPA ticket for 1972. Virginia papers please copy. –FJL

Mildred Cole Dead

Mildred B. Cole, widow of Edward H. Cole, died at the home of her daughter, Marion, in Orlando, Fla., on Dec. 14. Mildred had been a staunch supporter of Ed’s outstanding role in amateur journalism up to his death in 1966. Since then, and even after her heart attack last July, she had kept an active interest in the affairs of The Fossils and the NAPA, and her many friends in both groups. –SW

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