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Small world, isn’t it?

In 1967, after the Salt Lake City convention, the Haywoods were invited to a meeting in Denver with the Columbines. The short detour added another state to our itinerary and provided an opportunity to visit some of the Colorado members who could not make it to Utah. It was only natural, then, that when we found out that the Pecks and Pauline Kerr would be in our area after Marietta… you guessed it. Here they are for an APC meeting in Fair Lawn. Representing the APC area: the Segals, the Wessons and assorted Babcocks, rounded up on short notice.

Car buff department

The 96th convention brought out the usual number of new cars. The Pecks made their trip in a new station wagon, the Segals traveled by roomy new VW bus, railroader Gillick drove down in air-conditioned luxury and the Haywoods parked their silver Camaro where they could see it from their hotel room.

All hands on deck for inspection!

Our host prefers a narrative style of reporting, we know, but the historians seem to like the log to be kept in orderly lists. Members of our crew:

Elaine & Jess Peck, Denver
Pauline Kerr, Denver
Jeanette M. Spirling, Pauline’s sister, New York
Hazel & Harold Segal, Bristol, Pa.
Helen & Alfred P. Babcock, Cranford, N. J.
Helen & Sheldon C. Wesson, Glen Ridge, N. J.
Pamela Y. Wesson, their daughter
Carol Giamartino, guest of the Wessons
Ralph W. Babcock, Tuxedo Park, N. Y.
Till & Bill Haywood, Fair Lawn, N. J., our hosts

Elaine and Jess stayed overnight, using the room usually occupied by Paul. Seaman Haywood was on duty aboard the USS Portland at Little Creek, Va. He is scheduled to leave on an eight-week cruise in August. The destination is Classified, but Monaco is a possibility. Watch The New York Times.

Publisher’s statement

This is an amateur paper, not ephemera or trivia and is written and printed by recognizable members of the National Amateur Press Association. Honest!

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Globe trotters have a field day

Our visitors from Colorado have had a sympathetic audience when describing their driving through the nation’s capital. Big-city driving, be it in Washington, New York or Denver, drew a bad rating. Interstate highways were unanimously approved by drivers.

In a class by themselves, the Segals and Ralph Babcock compared notes on their European tours. A stand-out was the Moitoret hospitality in Monaco, with no decision on the relative merits of air versus sea travel. Either one beats commuting, right?

Now, a couple of jokes, gals…

“I think I’ll cross a bee with a bell,” said a fellow Golden Bell Press employee. “Now, wouldn’t that be a hum-dinger.” – Elaine

Sorry, Tony, this was intended for Ding Dong, but we swiped it. – Hazel

Host Haywood approached Pam Wesson for copy and was refused, “She’s illiterate!” chirped Ma Hellen. Hazel, shocked, said, “You mean you weren’t married when she was born?”

They accused him of robbing the cemetery, but he didn’t abra cadabra – Anonymous Denvarian

Textile news item

With a visiting admiral and aide following our early June sojourn at their Cap Ferrat villa, the famous signed tablecloth guest register of Vic and Ro Moitoret had accumulated 700 signatures. Many APC friends are among dinner guests whose signatures Ro subsequently has permanized by embroidering. – RWB

Not-so-painless dentistry

You would never guess what prevented one NAPA member from reaching Marietta. I had my plans all made. At 7 ayem on July 3 I left Cranford bound for Marietta. But on July 2, the day before I left, a bill arrived from my dentist, for $412, quite a bit more than I had expected. And the further I got from Cranford the bigger that $412 looked. It would be nice to see people, but – At Harrisburg, 150 miles from Cranford, I chickened out and turned around and went home. – APB

APC meeting, Private Press of the Haywoods, Fair Lawn, N. J. 07410

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